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It has taken seven years and the united hatred of a country that normally couldn’t agree on whether the sun is blocked by the rotation of the earth or whether it is eaten by the moon every night. Oh, and it has taken having a new book out, but forget that. Rielle Hunter is sorry. […]

Waah, everyone hates Congress, just because it is filled with adult babies who have managed to hold 1,237 votes on repealing Obamacare and outlawing abortion, but couldn’t manage to find time to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, because Eric Cantor hates Native American women (thanks to “Elizabeth Warren,” probably). So Public Policy Polling released […]

You know what we at Wonkette don’t care about? Whether or not you want to read about and/or watch Rielle Hunter. We find everything about her, from the top of her shining golden head to the bottom of her doubtlessly temporary-henna-tattooed soles, freaking fascinating. Here, thanks to the good folks at Buzzfeed, is poor misunderstood […]

You guys, extra-sad news! John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, who as far as we knew six days ago were America’s number one committed couple, are now totally broken up. Well, they’re still a family, because when you knock up your crazy new age-y campaign videographer and/or are knocked up by a married sleazeball presidential candidate, […]

Watch out Liz and Dick, and Romeo and Juliet, and Buttercup and Wesley, and Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, and Bristol Palin and that creepy Gino guy: Rielle Hunter is here to write the gauzy, Vaseline-lensed story of her Great Love with the world’s best husband, father, and all around guy, John Edwards, and it […]

It is hard to know who is less popular in Wonkville: lunatic hippie Rielle Hunter, or her tousled-locked boy lover, John Edwards. It is also hard to know who is less popular in the Young household — the Youngs being the couple who agreed to fake the husband’s affair with Hunter (and paternity of Edwards’ […]

OH GOOD. Noted humanitarian and best guy ever John Edwards is not only seeking to make another human maybe with perfect soulmate Rielle Edwards. Nope. His name has also come up in conjunction with some sex-trafficking investigation in Manhattan, which has uncovered that he was purchasing sexxx with money during the presidential bid that was […]

Primpy shitsack “human” “man” John Edwards, who at one point was actually the progressive choice in the 2008 primaries — and Christ, we dodged that bullet — is still putting his penis in the vagina of flakey terrible person Rielle Hunter, and according to the Daily Mail’s regurgitation of the National Enquirer, is possibly open […]

Famous 2008 presidential sex-haver John Edwards is probably going to be indicted very soon for violating campaign laws in how he covered it all up, NBC News is reporting. “Son of a mill worker!” Edwards cursed to himself upon hearing this news, taking his lord’s name in vain. “We do not believe there is evidence […]

John Edwards, who was gestated in a millworker cut open by a lightsaber after nine months, has asked his mistress Rielle Hunter to marry him, according to the National Enquirer (again). Now, if John Edwards has any luck, this new wife will get cancer, and he will be able to exploit it for another presidential […]

Hey you guys, Elizabeth Edwards, that lady whose husband cheated on her, is now dying. Do you remember when John Edwards announced she was dying of cancer at the beginning of his 2008 campaign, but he was staying in the race so you would vote for him out of pity? Yeah, that campaign promise was […]

Who says investigative journalism is dead? Tina Brown’s Internet Tendency has been paying (?) Diane Dimond to nose around the world’s most repugnant sleaze pits and report back on her findings! Having already blown the lid off of John Mark Karr’s “little girl sex cult,” she’s now moved on to something even more repugnant: John […]

Did you TiVo this afternoon’s edition of The Oprah Winfrey Program? Well fuck you then. Her guest will be famed sex person Rielle Hunter, who is pretty hilarious. But yeah, still not worth it. Instead, you should enjoy this ominous Official Oprah Trailer of the interview, where Oprah just yells things at Hunter for a […]

'I FELL IN LOVE WITH JOHNNY REID'  4:51 pm March 15, 2010

by Jim Newell

RIELLE HUNTER IS NOW SAD! Jesus, did she think they’d Photoshop some pants onto her? “Hunter reportedly ‘cried for two hours’ after she saw the pictures she deemed ‘repulsive’ that accompanied the 10,000 word interview she did with GQ magazine, according to Barbara Walters.” Eh, the Internet will forget them as soon as the next […]

Are we still writing about Gross-ass John Edwards and his she-witch Rielle Hunter and their sexy pregnant sex tape and the GQ interview and sad/insane cancer lady Elizabeth Edwards and all that? Maybe! Just for today, anyway. HERE YOU GO: “On the video, both participants are naked. Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed […]