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It's not even the rust that'll get you, though

Michigan’s Top Medical Official Charged With Poison-Watering People To Death, IS STILL TOP MEDICAL OFFICIAL

Dr. Eden Wells was pretty unhelpful when she threatened to take away Flint's public health money if they kept investigating the outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease she knew about!

Messing With Flint’s Water Made Lots Of Women Miscarry. Tell Us How ‘Pro-Life’ You Are, GOP?

Saving 'preborn babies' is dandy when you're restricting women's health choices. But cleaning up their water? That costs money.

Michigan Officials Charged With Poisoning People To Death In Flint. Good.

WONKERS! WONKERS WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE! IT IS A NICE TIME! OK so you remember how we live in just the greatest nation in the world and we are a shining city on a hill and also we are...

TJ Maxx, Marshall’s Decide Not To Bone Employees For Christmas. Michigan, On Other Hand …

TJ Maxx and Marshall's are coming down on the right side for workers; Michigan plays Class Warfare games.

‘Pro-Life’ Utah Senator Mike Lee Totally Fine With Flint Babies Drinking Poison Water

Once they're born, babies can go screw.
reply hazy, will be sorted out by Executive Order

Obama’s Labor Day Executive Order So Un-American That It Helps Workers

Happy Labor Day Weekend, WonkSquad! Are you spending it like your average American worker, drunk and with your family? Or are you spending it like your average Corporate Fat Cat, drunk and with your secret second family in upstate...
'Try not to look smug, try not to look smug, try...'

Rick Snyder Picks Former BP Lobbyist To Protect Michigan’s Environment. What Could Go Wrong?

Michigan's brand new head of Environmental Quality helped manage BP's response to the Gulf oil spill. Are there any pelicans in Michigan?
we all did a business

Which Bank Is Just Going To Pay A Big Ol’ Meaningless Fine This Week?

It's your week in corporate malfeasance. Get out your pitchforks!
Not as fun as a new car :(

It’s Michigan’s Turn For Welfare Drug Tests To Fail, Yay Welfare Drug Tests!

Yet another state program to test welfare recipients for drugs has found no drug fiends getting welfare. Clearly, the answer is tougher drug tests.

Barack Obama Goes To Flint, Promises To Lay Some Pipe

President Barack Obama spoke for nearly an hour Wednesday in Flint, Michigan, on the city's water crisis, reassuring residents that filtered water is safe to drink, encouraging them to get their children tested for lead, and promising that the...
I love the taste of deadly neurotoxins in the morning

Three Officials Not Named ‘Rick Snyder’ Charged For Turning Flint’s Water To Poison

Looks like there's finally going to be some justice for the people of Flint, Michigan, following the lead poisoning of its water: three officials have been charged with crimes, although so far the Emergency Managers who approved the switch...

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Says Flint’s Poison Water Is MMM MMM GOOD!

It's been a minute since we've checked in on the water situation in Flint, Michigan, to see if it's still sludgy and toxic and full of lead poops. Of course, since such a valiant conqueror as Republican Gov. Rick...
We won't, we promise.

GOP Will Dismantle EPA So It Can Never Poison Flint’s Water Again

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder told a congressional hearing Thursday he was shocked and horrified the federal government allowed him and his incompetent administration to poison the children of Flint with all that lead. In testimony Thursday before the House...

Bernie Surprise Winned Michigan! Time For Another Democratic Debate Death Match

When was the last time we had a Democratic debate between Hillary Rodham Sanders and Berndog Clinton or whatever their REAL names are? Were you a little girl at the time? Well you're still a little girl obviously, because...

Rick Snyder Simply Can’t Believe Hillary And Bernie Would Blame HIM For Flint Crisis

Where do these big government Demon-cratics GET OFF? That is what Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder would like to know. During Sunday night's Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, Hillz and Bernie took some time to agree with each other that...
Don't drink the water

Democrats Have Civilized Debate, No Trump Penis Allowed

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are at it again, preparing for another of those civilized discussions of how they disagree on some stuff but are both 100% dead certain that either of them would be a jillion times better...