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Yes, he's a monster

Let’s Put Medicare-Frauding Florida Gov. Rick Scott In Charge Of Medicare, Oh Yeah Baby

There's a certain poetry to this. Very bad poetry.

Someone Is Intentionally Sabotaging Minnesota’s Health Care Exchange Enrollment, Isn’t That Neat?

How evil do you have to be to intentionally sabotage people trying to buy health care?

Fox Jerks So Glad That Nice Hurricane Matthew Came And Made It Harder For Dems To Vote

Stuart Varney and Tucker Carlson say Democrats won't bother to vote in a storm, because they are lazy.
Wait, she lets her kid stand WHERE?

Wonkagenda: Friday, October 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Rush Limbaugh Pretty Sure Liberals Can’t Wait For Hurricane Matthew To Kill Everybody

How can we keep our 'climate change' conspiracy going if big hurricanes don't murder everybody all the time?
At least now and then

Sorry, Florida, You Can’t Tell Women To Get Their Lady Bits Checked At The Dentist Anymore

Oh look, another mean federal judge has thrown out ANOTHER dumb state's dumb new law. Seems to be a common theme today!

Anderson Cooper Tells Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi To Sit Her Ass Down

Why does Anderson have to keep pointing out Pam Bondi's past anti-gay bigotry, NO FAIR!
Make Bat Boy Great Again!

Gov. Rick Scott Offers California Businesses Cheap-Ass Florida Workers At Bargain Basement Prices

Rick Scott hopes a recent minimum wage hike in California will cause businesses to move to Florida, where they can pay workers less.

Florida Woman Scalds Rick Scott In Starbucks, With Words

Here's this week's excellent Speaking Truth To Bat Boy viral video, recorded by lucky bystander Stephen Bender and posted to the YouTubes. It features a Starbucks customer (later identified as Cara Jennings, "a former Lake Worth city commissioner and...
P.S.: I am not a crank

Deleted Comments: Why Is Wonkette So Full Of Stanky Vaginas? WHY?

Time for another foray into the Deleted Comments bin, and this week we'll get right to the point with this puissant analysis of what's wrong with Wonkette, from one "Trump4theWin," whose username suggests they enjoy a good game of...
Yes, he's a monster

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Does Douchebag Thing, Because He Is Douchebag

Hip-hooray and WE TOLD YOU SO. We reported last week on the hottest new trend in ladyparts healthcare, which is getting your vaginal business district checked out at mobile eye care or mobile dental units. It's efficient! Unless you're...

Florida Men Tell Ladies To Get Their Hoo-Has Checked At The Dentist

Well, isn't this a neat new trend that's spreading like herpes in a frat house at a state school, only not nearly as fun? A bill passed in the Florida legislature this week would effectively defund Planned Parenthood and other reproductive...
Neither a gentleman nor a scholar

After $25,000 Donation, Florida A.G. Forgot To Investigate Trump’s Scammy ‘University’

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a big fan of Donald Trump, and offered him an enthusiastic endorsement the day before Tuesday's Florida primary. She's delighted to be able to help, as she said at a rally in Tampa...
Come and get your love

BREAKING: Obamacare Good For You, Whether You Like It Or Not

Well, shoe horns and suck a penis, what have we here? Why, it's another study about how terrific Obamacare is. But haven't we already reported ALL the studies at you, a thousand frickin' times, about how Obamacare is giving...
Adventures in Sucking Up: The Florida Edition

Rick Scott Is Just Like Mother Teresa: Your Florida Roundup

We were worried for a moment there that after last week’s absolute and undeniable perfection, Yr Florida Roundup would have nowhere to go but down. And this turned out to be true, sorry. But we do have this wonderful...