rich people

One of the nice young men who does the Planet Money podcast on the NPR somehow lured Edward Conard, who you might remember as the guy who created a shell corporation that existed only to donate $1 million to Mitt Romney’s SuperPAC, out to a plebeian coffee shop to talk about rich people. As a […]

A reporter asked Mitt Romney today where he thought free agent Peyton Manning should play football next season. Ahh, there’s a nice birthday softball question for ya! All he had to say was that he’s a Patriots fan, so he hopes Manning doesn’t play for a team in the same division. This is all he […]

Extremely wealthy people discard their own spouses and children as easily as they discard thousands of factory workers. They feel absolutely no guilt as they scheme and connive, and they will rip off other rich people in massive Ponzi schemes with as little feeling as they’ll rape their housekeepers. The rich strap their supposedly beloved […]

Taxes on the rich would be very, very bad. All Americans learned this from our first constitutional president, Ronald Reagan, which is why his illegitimate son — the Keynesian Kenyan economist Barack Obama — keeps prattling on about the need for the top 1% to pay their “fair share.”  But as common-folk hero Eric Cantor […]

Here’s something with a plus and a minus: Most Americans will soon be free of endless advertising and marketing campaigns, because the advertising industry has decided the only money to be made is in marketing things to the last people with money, the richest 10%. The “minus,” in this case, is that only the richest […]

What does a powerful, immense global online network worth $60 billion need more than anything? A cozy voice in the White House! That’s why Facebook is reportedly hiring Barack Obama’s former spokesman and best buddy Robert Gibbs. The ex-White House press secretary will make “millions of dollars” in salary and stock, according to the New […]

Who made John Boehner our chain-smokin’ Orange Overseer? Crusty, rich white people who don’t use deodorant and have cabbage breath, according to a new and probably unnecessary study! It’s sort of silly that old people voted for all these deranged weirdos who want to make Medicare and probably even bingo night illegal, because without these […]

If this doesn’t make your blood boil with anger, nothing will: Barack Obama might not give super rich people permanent tax exempt status! If Obama taxes rich people, how are they supposed to create new jobs, in India/China/anywhere but here? At this point it doesn’t really even matter. Obama couldn’t redistribute the white man’s Wealth […]

Because all Republican rhetoric is about how the ELITE represses the PEOPLE and we should always side with the PEOPLE against the ELITE and their SINISTER GOVERNMENT, you might think that America’s actual economic elite would be opposed to Republican policies. You would be wrong, though! For instance, over the course of this cycle rich […]

Should we liveblog the Jerry v. Meg death match? Well, we just held an election on Twitter and we won with 99.7% of the vote! So join us at 6PM California Death-Heat Time for the California Gov Debate, starring the Jedi monk Jerry Brown (of California’s famous 1970s) and that person whose face is on […]

Rich person Garrett Gruener — inventor of — says that taxing rich people is good, and not taxing them is bad. Why would he say this? I’m a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. Over the past three decades, I’ve made both good and bad investments. I’ve created successful companies and ones that didn’t do […]

Americans are POOR AND BROKE, YA HEARD? Those who still haven’t hocked their eyes tend to look to newspapers for two purposes: for warmth, obviously, as they sleep on park benches in the frigid September night, but also for inspiration, for the knowledge that even if they’re doomed, there are Americans out there who are […]

Hooray, The Hill has released this year’s “50 Wealthiest People In Congress,” and it is an unusually informative eHow list (not to be confused with the celebrated “50 Most Sexual Congresspeople” thing, which we hate). Anyway, John Kerry won, again, because of ketchup: Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) tops the list for the second year in […]

New employment numbers are out and they’re great news! Oh, wait, we had the thing upside down, they’re actually terrible. 131,000 fewer jobs last month, although that figure includes 141,000 liberal census workers who were let go after the government decided to just make up the census numbers this year. In fact, the private sector […]

Sarah Palin’s whole nutty family appeared in that USA Weekend newspaper insert on Sunday, and even a sympathetic publication that only appears in the pro-America America can’t help but make Palin and her brood look like a bunch of bird-brained weirdos. The whole cover story is only about 900 words long — normal for these […]