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Rich Lowry simply does not care for the Obama campaign’s fictional “Julia.” Julia begins her interaction with the welfare state as a little tot through the pre-kindergarten program Head Start. She then proceeds through all of life’s important phases, not Shakespeare’s progression from “mewling and puking” infant to “second childishness and mere oblivion,” but the […]

There is a thing called American Renaissance, and it is not very nice. And there is a man named Robert Weissberg who liked to go to their meetings and discuss “how Jews feel about the schwarzes” and “the future of white nationalism” and who wrote for National Review until … oh, right about last night, […]

Direct from National Review illiterate Rich Lowry’s Urdu Twitter feed, here is the Al Jazeera video montage of a bunch of Raiders of the Lost Ark extras calling for the death of America, the land of the Black Pharaoh. [Al Jazeera YouTube]

NO NOT THESE  11:43 am November 18, 2009

by Juli Weiner

“A MUST-READ ORGAN OF CONSERVATIVE OPINION”: this is how The Corner’s #1 accurate describer of things Rich Lowry characterizes Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, with those words right over there. The ones in caps. No, no, in black. The bold ones right above right here. There are like seven of them? Just keeping looking until you […]

Rich Lowry vs. Matt Latimer, this is so on! The ONE TIME Rich Lowry goes to work and puts on his bowler hat and three piece suit and pretends to be a newspaper-man, Matt Latimer, former Bush speechwriter/social chair of Mars’ douchiest fraternity, refuses to answer any of Lowry’s broadsheet journalism media questions! “Matt Latimer, […]

National Review is so fucking weird, Jesus Christ. Here’s their new thing, “National Review Calls Home,” which is like a giant hideous conference call between Jonah Goldberg and rented auxiliary humans Rich Lowry and Mark Steyn—and of course all the National Review subscribers, whom Jonah Goldberg will personally be calling from some sticky-buttoned corded phone […]

‘STARBURST’ LOWRY COINS GREATEST SARAH PALIN ANALOGY IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE: “Juneau had become to Palin almost what the Tower was to Anne Boleyn. ” Except that Anne Boleyn had one child and eleven fingers, while Palin has eleven children and one finger. TRUE FACT. [National Review Online]

Very smart ex-prosecutor person Andrew C. “Andy” McCarthy knows most things about Barack Obama, including all of his secrets. McCarthy’s top achievement in life has been proving that Bill Ayers ghostwrote Obama’s memoir Dreams Of My Father. Not many people knew about this, and it was a journalistic scoop, and so is this: “The fact […]

BIG NEWS 2DAY, from Kathryn Jean “Jonah Goldberg” Lopez: “I will soon be stepping aside as editor of National Review Online. I’m not going too far. I’ll still be contributing to NRO with ideas and content, and if you are an author or reader you might not notice much of a change. I’ll probably still […]

There was nothing good about Sarah Palin’s debate performance last night, at all. But! Some party hacks are pretending to like it, or say she won, because of how well she avoided saying anything of substance. The “buzz word” regarding the key to her success (among no one) is that she spoke in very “folksy” […]