reverse racism

We used to think that neighborhood watch groups were nothing but those busybody ladies that twitch the curtain aside to snoop on neighbors and call the cops 25 times per night on the 4th of July to complain about fireworks. Then, of course, we met George Zimmerman and realized that neighborhood watch people can also […]

Newsbusters’ Associate Editor Noel Sheppard pores tirelessly over leftist news outlets like Saturday Night Live to raise the general public’s awareness of liberal media bias. Without his vigilance, we (since we are not familiar with this news agency Saturday Night Live – perhaps it is one of those “blogs”?) may have missed Jamie Foxx’s vitriolic […]

Did you know that Barack Hussein NOoBaMA is such a racist against white people, because three black dudes were idiots outside a Philadelphia polling site once, and also because how dare he say the Cambridge police acted stupidly just because they arrested a black Harvard professor inside his own home, for B&E? Yup, that sure […]

Mitt Romney is a really, really, really terrible candidate for president. Rick Santorum tried to warn the Republican party, but with options like “Rick Santorum,” they probably did pick the best of their odd fruits that were on offer. So Barack Obama is talking all kinds of smack and releasing hilarious ads about how awful […]

If you were a governor, would you ever appoint someone to a state board, just because of his or her race? Of course not, that would be racism, even if that person’s race has been historically underrepresented on that board, and the board’s mission involves tackling persistent racial inequalities! That’s why Ohio Governor John Kasich […]

How many times will this tragedy repeat itself? A young person with great potential and maybe a few minor misdeeds in his past tries to go somewhere that he as an American has every right to go. But immediately the small-time powers in that land view him with mistrust, all because he chooses to wear […]

Part of the MaoBama Obamacare Pelosicare SOCIALISM SOCIALISM SOCIALISM Plan was a 10 percent surcharge on the use of tanning beds. Smart conservatives are now beginning to figure out that this is yet another example of Obama’s “reverse racism,” which is racism against white people, as it’s impossible to be regular racist against white people […]

Because of this video of these two guys standing in their silly Halloween costumes in 2008 outside a polling station, they were prosecuted for voter intimidation. BLACK PANTHERS! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. Yet now that black man Eric Holder (who is A BLACK MAN) is Attorney General, black people can get away with such things, as […]