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Assholes Film Selves Torturing Mentally Disabled White Guy, So More Race War To Look Forward To, Yay

You won't see the video here! It's a safe space and whatnot.

Miami Starbucks Trump Man Very Sorry … That The Black Barista Reverse-Racismed Him

Viral video Starbucks Trump man says he hadn't taken his meds and is sorry ... that the barista hates Trumpers and white people.

Be Like This White Guy Telling This Other White Guy To Stop Yelling ‘Trump’ At The Black Starbucks Barista

Be the human safety pin you want to see in the world.

What Are Fox News Patriots Saying About Terrible, Horrible America-Hater Colin Kaepernick?

Did you hear Kaepernick is a secret Islamic? Sean Hannity did!

Sarah Palin Will SUE Black Rapper Lady For Being Mean To Her On Twitter

Dammit, Sarah Palin. Wonkette defended you. We said that in the great 2016 Twitterspace War between the Republican former governor of Alaska and rapper Azealia Banks that FORSOOTH, IT IS NOT COOL BRO to get on Twitter and say Sarah Palin...

Scott Walker Wishes Blacks Would Be Nicer About All This Racism Stuff

Racial transcendence, how does IT work? Republican candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker attempted to explain it while campaigning in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but he is a Republican, so he did a real bad job. You see, according to...

Killer Mike Doesn’t Hit His Wife, And Other Reasons Hip-Hop Is More Moral Than Bill O’Reilly

It's a common trope, if you are a right-wing bigot: Racism doesn't hurt black people, hippity-hop rap music hurts black people, what with its jiving and twerking and PULL THOSE PANTS UP, and BACK IN MY DAY! In recent...
They call themselves His People. Weird.

Here Are 9 Wingnut Reasons For Charleston Murders That Aren’t Spelled R-A-C-I-S-M

Dylann Storm Roof killed black people because he wanted to kill black people. Roof admitted this! But maybe it's not about race. Let's take another trip down Wingnut River to see why Roof's nine victims -- Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza...

Kansas Republicans Very Upset Black Lady Rep Called Them Big Dumb Racists

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his cretinous, thumb-sucking lackeys in the state capitol have been working overtime the past few years to find the perfect balance between bankrupting the state with tax cuts and fucking poor people over. It's...
Boo hoo hoo

Fired Fox Anchor Will Never Achieve Dream Of Whites, Blacks Hurling N-Word Equally

Black folks have been enslaved, discriminated against, forced to use separate water fountains, and so many other things over the course of American history, but whew, that's all over, so there are some white people who would like to...
She gets all the racisms apparently

Rachel Dolezal Got Reverse Racisted Before She Got Racisted

At least the bizarre tale of pretend-black-but-actually-white woman Rachel Dolezal can't get any weirder. Ha, just kidding, of course it can! Shortly after she resigned as president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP -- to spend more time...

Hey Who’s This Loretta Lynch Gal That Might Be Our New Attorney General Maybe?

Eric Holder told us a while ago that he's resigning as Attorney General to spend more time with all his Black Panther buddies. Who would replace him as the nation's top cop? No one knew -- the thinking was...

What Is The World Coming To When This Nice Klansman Can’t Stay In His Neighborhood Watch Group?

We used to think that neighborhood watch groups were nothing but those busybody ladies that twitch the curtain aside to snoop on neighbors and call the cops 25 times per night on the 4th of July to complain about...

Newsbusters: Known Black Man Jamie Foxx Ushers in Grave New World With Jokes About White People

Newsbusters' Associate Editor Noel Sheppard pores tirelessly over leftist news outlets like Saturday Night Live to raise the general public's awareness of liberal media bias. Without his vigilance, we (since we are not familiar with this news agency Saturday...

It Is President Obama Who Is The Real Racist, Say Good Folks At ‘Fight Bigotry’

Did you know that Barack Hussein NOoBaMA is such a racist against white people, because three black dudes were idiots outside a Philadelphia polling site once, and also because how dare he say the Cambridge police acted stupidly just...