revenge of the nerds

In a valiant effort to undo one of the regulatory fuckups that led to the 2007-08 financial crisis, a bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill that would reinstate some of the provisions of the New Deal-era Glass-Steagall Act, requiring banks to separate their retail banking functions from their riskier investment activities, essentially forcing […]

Looks like we have a new Legislative Badass on the block today! Rep. Mark Takano, a former high school literature teacher (and dedicated chart geek), has taken his red pen to a “Dear Mr. Speaker” letter that House GOP members are circulating in opposition to the Senate’s immigration reform bill (eyeball-friendly larger version here). It […]

Hey, so what’s the deal with right-wingers, huh? They’re always going on about how sacred PRIVATE PROPERTY is, how it’s all IMMORAL for anyone to benefit from SOMEBODY ELSE’S “hard work,” am I right? And then you hear about something like THIS genius who goes and RIPS OFF an image from a VIDEO GAME so […]

DICK CHENEY  3:00 pm October 19, 2005

The Only Story Is The Raw Story

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