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NC Senate Republicans Slash Education — In Democrats’ Districts. No Reason, Just To Be Pricks

North Carolina Republicans don't take kindly to having to stay up late.
Exit...exit...gotta find the exit...

Some Gentle Advice For Governor Chris Christie On How To Mafia-Style Kneecap That Bastard Trump

How to eat this dish of revenge, served cold.
Bears repeating

California Not Down With Trump’s Plan Of ‘First I’ll Come For The Immigrants’

The Treasure of the Chinga Su Madre.
How's that presidential transition team working out for ya then?

Chris Christie Aides Eated All The Guilty Verdicts In Bridgegate Trial

Maybe now Christie will take some responsibility and... hahaha, sorry, we couldn't keep a straight face.
Yet another victim of the vast government conspiracy

Bundy Militia Mom Oppressed By Big Government Just Because She Beat Her Kids A Little

Why are government tyrants always stealing patriots' children over a few beatings?
Guess what body part I'm being? Oh, you guessed!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Finds Exciting New Way To Dick Over Food Stamp Recipients

Now that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has definitively proven he doesn't know how to governor any good at all -- accidentally allowing a bunch of liberal bills he'd intended to veto to become law -- it's revenge time. Since...
Nobody wearing a 'take responsibility' shirt would ever act irresponsibly!

Responsible Gun Owners Improve Safety Record, Only Maim Selves

Time for another roundup of just a few exciting stories of Responsible Gun Owners keeping themselves safe from crime and from the threat of tyrannical government overreach! We'll ease into our Gun Fun with a story that's happily non-lethal...
Aw, he's so nice

Lindsey Graham Turns Other Cheek, Will Not Seek Bloody, Stabby, Murdery ‘Revenge’

We have been so sexcited ever since South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham teased that he just might have to run for president in 2016 so all the rich white men who belong to men-only clubs will finally have their...
whistlin' grifty

Profiles In Revenge: Grifty Virginia Gov Brought Down By Chef, In Mansion Kitchen, With A Candlestick

Augh, weddings. So expensive! Even if you're the Governor of Virginia and the commonwealth gives you a big old house to party in for free, you cannot serve the guests jalapeno poppers and tub-o'-nacho. Feeding 200 people a fancy chicken and shrimp dinner will cost...

Who Really Closed Chris Christie’s Bridge? We Will Give You One Guess And It Is Barack Obama

In what has to be the easiest wingnut editorial ever written, the online remnants of the New York Sun declared that if Chris Christie's bridge of sighs was a case of political retribution, then Barack Obama is a bully...

Chris Christie To Explain Why He Really Didn’t Murder His Enemy…This Time

Oh, hey, hurry up and turn on the teevee right now to catch Chris Christie's big press conference in which he takes full responsibility for blames subordinates for all that George Washington Bridge unpleasantness. And you might also want...

Noted Historian Sarah Palin Thinks Barack Obama Is Just Like Robespierre, If She Knew Who Robespierre Was

Former half-term GILF and current Facebook celebrity Sarah Palin thinks Barack Obama is a very bad man. What did the Kenyan Usurper do this time? He said "Voting is the best revenge." As you can imagine, this is the...

Riot Cops Battle Protesters Trying To Strangle Dick Cheney

It's pretty hot for September! Up in Vancouver, a kick-ass bunch of Canadian protesters rushed the doors of some private industrialists club/Satanic Secret Society and had a battle with the riot cops. A 51-year-old protester reportedly strangled a cop,...