In what has to be the easiest wingnut editorial ever written, the online remnants of the New York Sun declared that if Chris Christie’s bridge of sighs was a case of political retribution, then Barack Obama is a bully to put Christie to shame, because he shut down parts of the government during the government […]

Oh, hey, hurry up and turn on the teevee right now to catch Chris Christie’s big press conference in which he takes full responsibility for blames subordinates for all that George Washington Bridge unpleasantness. And you might also want to take a gander at this New York Times piece about all the nastiness that has […]

Former half-term GILF and current Facebook celebrity Sarah Palin thinks Barack Obama is a very bad man. What did the Kenyan Usurper do this time? He said “Voting is the best revenge.” As you can imagine, this is the biggest threat the Republic has ever known except for that one time some New Black Panthers […]

It’s pretty hot for September! Up in Vancouver, a kick-ass bunch of Canadian protesters rushed the doors of some private industrialists club/Satanic Secret Society and had a battle with the riot cops. A 51-year-old protester reportedly strangled a cop, in an apparent effort to get through the doors and strangle Dick Cheney — Cheney was […]