Robert Frost – Nothing Gold Can Stay – The… by poetictouch Remember when Martin Bashir said he wanted to make poops in Sarah Palin’s mouth? No, he wasn’t trying to be funny. He was very, very MAD! Why did Martin Bashir want to go number two, in Sarah Palin’s mouth? Well, mostly so he could […]

ROMEBILLY GRIFTERS  9:40 am February 11, 2013

Pope Pulls A Palin

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Almost exactly 600 years after the last pope to resign resigned, Pope Benedict XVI is hanging up his Prada shoes and dancing off into … well, we don’t even know! Where do ex-popes go? Probably Boca. News organizations are predictably going nuts trying to figure out what the HELL? (You should see your Editrix’s “What […]

In the fastest nevermind ever, North Carolina’s new director of NC Pre-K quit the day after she was appointed, just because everybody figured out she hates public education. Whew, that was close! But, yes, North Carolina tried their best to hire an anti-public education lobbyist to head their state’s Pre-K program. How did they find […]

Well, that was fast! Furry sex aficionado Rep. David Wu announced he will resign after the debt crisis negotiations are over (hahaha, so actually he means “never”) because of this sexytime incident with the 18-year-old daughter of his high school classmate that we heard about only a few days ago. Hooray, Congress is down another […]