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What, you mean the Republicans on the Benghazi committee actually don't speak for the families? You don't say!

Tuesday's Republican Benghazi press conference was as pathetic as you'd imagine.

Who could have imagined the Benghazi investigation would have been a giant waste of all our time and money?

The GOP can't be bothered to save the Zika babies, because they're too busy saving the babies from Planned Parenthood! Wait, what?

Bernie says he's voting for Hillary! It happened on the television! Or maybe he's not! Who can say!

Rep. Steve King is just not ready for this kind of change.

What, you wanted background checks and stuff like that? Are you some kind of Communist?

How dare Anderson Cooper be mean to that nice bigot lady who's just trying to help?

Trump very excitedly tweeted a poll that shows him losing to Hillary. Is he just plain delusional now? (Yes.)

Why do those gays want to be protected from discrimination? Didn't Pete Sessions already send thoughts and prayers?

Yes, a Utah Republican, that is not a typo, we said that correctly.

Rightwing blogger Jim Hoft came out Monday as a gay homosexual, and we decided to look at the careful line he walked: Condemning Islamic crimes against gays, while neither clearly supporting nor condemning gay rights in America.

Haha, conservative Christians are so funny when they pray for people to die!

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