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You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

How many times can Scott Baio say he doesn't care in one interview? A WHOLE MANY TIMES.

It's weird how all Trump rallies look like Cleveland Cavaliers celebrations.

Dubya talked some smack about Donald Trump at a fundraiser, without even saying Trump's name. Does this mean he is #ImWithHer? MAYBE.

How could Ted Cruz fail to endorse Donald Trump? That is what Peggy Noonan would like to know.

President Obama also says he didn't have time to watch the RNC, due to "busy." What, was he on an important vacay or something?

If the mental gymnastics executed at last night's Republican convention finale taught us anything at all about the kind of people who support Donald...

With bonus Tweets from Bernie Sanders and greatest congressional Tweeterer ever, John Dingell!

After several nights of this convention crap, our eyes and ears and general faces have somewhat glazed over. We are Instacarting vodka and occasionally...

Jonah Goldberg is in this bar right now but we haven't decided how to sexxxily start a conversation yet.


Al Baldasaro -- a former New Hampshire state rep and retired Marine Sergeant whose job it is to advise Donald Trump on veteran's affairs...

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