republican family values

Let us sum up teabagger barbie Joe Walsh’s congressional accomplishments to date, because it’s an easy one:¬†nothing. Joe Walsh is mostly the “if serial deadbeat Christine O’Donnell were actually elected” alternate universe equivalent of someone who miraculously got a job in Congress for blathering shrill, hypocritical nonsense on Fox News¬†all the time as though that […]

Indiana state Rep. Phillip Hinkle has never read the news, or the Internet, or the writing on the wall that overwhelmingly suggests, “If you are a Republican lawmaker picking up gay hookers on Craigslist, you will be caught, naked and ashamed.” Hinkle ran into trouble after soliciting a gay Craigslist prostitute who balked during their […]

Rick Santorum is dragging his sizable brood to go live in Iowa for the rest of the summer and run his campaign, because “children are free labor.” Why else would God have given Rick seven kids? God is more stingy with money, however, and Rick has less than a quarter million in the bank, not […]

One of Scott Walker’s top orcs in the union-busting thuggery, Republican Randy Hopper, was thrown out by his wife and is now shacked up in Madison with a 25-year-old right-wing lobbyist who (of course) formerly worked with Hopper as a legislative aide (writing law for Hopper’s corporate backers). And now Hopper’s wife has joined the […]

John McCain is such a maverick that nobody believes he’s really a Republican, but in the “abandoning your ailing wife for a new young wife” department, McCain is 100% GOP. We will hear lots more about Carol McCain, the swimsuit model Walnuts married when Barack Obama was almost four years old and divorced when Barack […]