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Tag: reporting

'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.' -- Douglas Adams

2016 Was One Heck Of A Year For The Journamalisms!

2016 was a surprisingly good year for some surprisingly good journalism.
What are we supposed to do with these finger puppets? What are 'fingers' anyway?

Wonkagenda: Friday, August 12, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
O'Reilly, you magnificent bastard, we'll never read your book

Everyone Who Knew Bill O’Reilly In 1982 Is A Vicious Lying Pinhead

You guys, this is really serious: It appears that virtually everyone from CBS who worked with Bill O'Reilly when he was bravely reporting on the Falklands War in 1982 is a vicious smear artist who just wants Billo to...

Ghost Andrew Breitbart Helped Convince John Boehner That Nobody Was Going To Overthrow Him

As it turns out, the plot to overthrow John Boehner and replace him with someone who didn't actually know they were up for Speaker of the House was larger than previously thought. The short version is that there were a...
let's read more!

Washington GOP Senate Candidate F-Bombs Reporter For Asking Questions About The News

It can be difficult to run for Senate. Your Wonkette knows; we haven't done it many times because of how difficult it is. Michael Baumgartner, though, is running for Senate against Maria Cantwell, and was righteously pissed off because...

Can Black Female Reporters Deliver The Hard-Hitting East Wing Reportage Americans Crave?

Throughout the history of American journalism, reporters have upheld one vital standard: asking the tough questions and holding to account the most powerful person in the nation, which is to say, the First Lady. But is our national legacy...

Cheney/Bush Death Squads Just Go Randomly Into Whatever Country, For Assassination Purposes

Seymour Hersh, the famous New Yorker reporter, surfaces once or twice a year to tell us about all the repulsive horrors the Bush administration authorized or perpetrated overseas. The latest: a special wing of the special operations community that...

What Is With All This ‘War Reporting,’ Anyhow?

Ladies and dudes, it's Joe the Plumber, reporting from Sderot, Israel! And ... wow. This miserable slob can't even bother to put on a collared shirt when he does his "reporting," which is really just bitching about how he...

Robert Draper Reveals How He Seduced McCain Campaign Into Telling Him Things

This Draper cat is our new journalistic hero. While we were all sitting around in late August typing out "Oh who is Barack Obama going to pick for his Veep, and how does one assemble this complicated Ikea cabinet"...

Various Complaints Aired At Annenberg School/Politico Event

Today your editor decided to "get serious" and go to a sober panel discussion, during the day, at the lovely Minnesota Public Radio building in downtown St. Paul. So many "famous" people were there! Jim VandeHei and Roger Simon...