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Reince Priebus tweeted out an invitation today to go “Pick who you want to be the next president,” via the RNC’s excellent new survey toy. And what a broad selection of fine candidates there is, even though no one’s announced yet, even at this late date. The choices include people who will almost definitely run […]

Here’s Stephen Colbert with a few suggestions for how the GOP can defeat Hillary Clinton, just in case the whole “brain damage” thing doesn’t work out. Gotta get tough — after all, this isn’t the ’90s, when the Clintons got a free pass from the Republicans. For instance, maybe they could take a page the […]

You know that guy out in the desert who made a whole bunch of crazy statements that upset the authorities and caused a confrontation with the man’s many supporters, and then later a whole bunch of those supporters turned around and publicly denied him while others clung to the belief that he was a prophet […]

You are probably not surprised to learn that yr Wonkette’s understanding of, and interest in, campaign finance laws is limited, because we are not that kind of Wonkblog. Perhaps Nate Silver’s 538 thingee will do some charts and Ezra Klein’s Home for Wayward Contrarian Bloggers will add some context and then we will care. But […]

Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go look at the comments UNDER AN […]

Reince Priebus was lonely. So lonely. So on Tuesday he called up many of his reporter friends and demanded they listen to him about how the Republicans were going to launch the ad campaign to end all ad campaigns, the one that would destroy Obamacare forever and ever. And everyone paid attention to Reince, and […]

When we woke up this morning, we felt a disturbing vibe that left us with a dread akin to the thought of motorboating Chris Christie’s moobs. We soon realized that this was not the fault of the sweet, god-fearing, kindhearted and ultra-loving GOP, but rather because we were drowning in a sea of hatred, spawned […]

Reince Priebus is deeply disappointed! He’s also concerned and disturbed! Is it because the GOP’s best chance at winning the presidency in 2016 is Hillary’s plane crashing into Biden’s train, then upon hearing the news Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick, Martin O’Malley, and Elizabeth Warren all choke on their organic free range tofurken and quinoa tenderloin? […]

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker (R – Buried Tire Fire) just wants to know why, in this mean old world, we can’t all get along. Perhaps tired of only coming up in internet searches as “the other guy who got Ricin letters from that one nutcase,” Wicker spoke up the other day for the plight of […]

Folks in North Carolina have a funny way of celebrating freedom this Fourth of July. While many folks around this great land are canceling fireworks displays because of freedom-loving sequestration, North Carolina legislators are working on a bill to give women the freedom to not worry about control of their bodies! Don’t worry your pink-shoe-wearing […]

In yet another instance of political correctness run amok, a county GOP chair in Illinois has resigned under pressure after calling former Miss America Erika Harold a “street walker” and other charming phrases. Harold is a Republican herself, running in a primary against Montgomery County GOP Chairman Jim Allen’s favored candidate, incumbent Rep. Rodney Davis. […]

Oh, Daily Caller! You wanted so badly to be “down,” and you accidentally called RNC chair Reince Priebus a nigger. But in a cool conservative anti-PC hipstery way we guess? First they said Reince was rapping, and was HNIC (that’s “head negro type person in charge”), and then they deleted it real quick-like. So surely […]

We are having such a strong deja vu, fellow wonkdiddles, as the LA Times reports that the Republicans will be meeting in Hollywood because “minorities” and “50 State Strategy” and “Dean Scream” and whatnot. This is very exciting for the Republicans, apparently, who are quite busy lately explaining how brave and also crazy they are […]

Wonklantans, perhaps you have been feeling relatively calm today? Perhaps your job or your hangover or your begging on the street or your turning tricks for money is not going so bad?? Well, Reince Priebus (pronounced “Fucking Dickwad”) is here to up your rage levels to mission critical by blahblahblahing about how Bamz is spending […]

The war on women — is it real? Do elected people (some of them women) really want women to be declared as pregnant when all they really have is CRAMPS? Or is it all for the woman’s “SAFETY,” i.e. make sure they aren’t abused coming out of an abortion clinic by maybe not letting them […]