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Tag: registration

Washington DC in the near future (artist's conception)

Hey Washington DC, Grab All The Guns You Want And Go To Chipotle!

In a great ruling for anyone who wants to walk around Our Nation's Capitol while packing heat, a federal judge on Saturday struck down Washington DC's ban on carrying guns in public, because the Second Amendment wants you to...

Iowa Rep. Steve King Stars In Tragic Tale ‘A Christmas Without Guns’

Rep. Steve King (R-Red Dawn) has a new grievance against gun-registration proposals: They would ruin his family's Christmas. Speaking to the birther conspiracy site World Net Daily, King castigated Democratic proposals in the wake of the Sandy Hook school...

Last Day To Register In California, Washington, Utah, South Dakota, Kansas

Hey, you bunch of socialist acorns, did you know you have to register to vote, in many states, before you can show up and vote on November 4, for the terrorists? This is what Barack Obama just told your...