WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS  12:10 pm May 26, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

HE WHO CONTROLS THE ‘BLOG-O-SPHERE’ CONTROLS THE WORLD, IS WHAT WE HEARD: This bazillion-word story on AOL’s Politics Daily dingus, about the proxy war playing out in Republican primaries nationwide between Jim DeMint and Mitch McConnell, seems “important,” but it’s long and kinda boring, so we’ll just reproduce this hilarious claim from the world’s most […]

When is it okay for Republicans to oppose a Supreme Court nominee for, uh, apparently not being overly concerned about hiring minorities and women over equally qualified white male candidates? WHEN THE NOMINEE IS A DEMOCRAT COME ON KEEP UP. Somebody at RedState heard about somebody at the Duke Law Center on Law, Race and […]

Wingnuts are, have been, and will be for the foreseeable future furious over the tyrannical overreach inherent in the ACS survey, a more detailed extension of the Census that the government will make a few million people fill out every year. Sometimes, if you are going out of your way to avoid it, ACS workers […]

CNN’s new anchorman, RedState turd Erick Erickson, is very sorry for calling David Souter a “goat-fucking child molester” because, uh, people are so offended by Erickson’s dumb bullshit that they yelled at his wife! (The nerve!) So, what Erick Erickson means is, he’s sorry that you were offended by his blog, which after all is […]

Oh boy guess what? The Teabaggers figured out a magical way to REPEAL the not-yet-signed Health Care Reform Bill. But does it require getting up off your fat fucking lard ass and turning away from the ‘puter for a moment? Not at all! And is it potentially effective, or even loosely based on American Democracy […]

Have you heard that CNN hired the blog Red State to be its new political commentator, to keep up with Glenn Beck or whatever? It is true. And the blog Red State is super-double crazy, which is fine and all, but now it is advocating some kind of insane “The Joker vs. Batman” wave of […]

GEORGE W. BUSH IS NOT A NOUN  12:42 pm December 11, 2009

by Jim Newell

FREE LEARNING SESSIONS OVER AT REDSTATE: Erick Erickson prepares to make an epic argument: “Let’s review our grammar for one moment. A noun is a word that defines what an object is, i.e. a dog. An adjective is a word that describes one attribute of the noun, i.e. the dog is brown. The noun is […]

RedState’s #1 duosyllabic unisex clown Moe Lane has a lot of big feelings about the recent announcement that some panel now suggests women don’t have to get annual mammograms until they are 50. Now: Moe Lane isn’t an oncologist, nurse, researcher, lawyer, insurance company employee, or federal government employer per se, but he feels pretty […]

Uhhh… so let’s melt Olympia Snowe again? [RedState]

For RedState, the time has come to fling poop toys at a Blue Dog Democrat. Erick Erickson writes, “Here’s the thing — if we make Earl Pomeroy’s life extremely painful for the next week, Republicans are going to think twice about jumping ship and so will a lot of the Blue Dog Democrats.” The actual […]

Oh hey girlfriends! Erick Erickson is so confused because how do all the gals, all of them, not love Obama’s health care plan when Obama himself is such a dreamboat? It’s weird right? Ha ha, it’s like, unless we’re like a bunch of lesbians we should be on board with this thing automatically. It’s called […]

Here is the Wall Street Journal‘s important journalistic follow-up expose on Erick Erickson’s infallible plan to convenience Olympia Snowe out of office, forever. Erick Erickson was so stoked yesterday about getting a call from the WSJ, and check out all this killer contextualization he did.

Looking forward to this WSJ article, based on this epic thing. Can you imagine how many votes Olympia Snowe will win for life if her staffers go neighborhood to neighborhood giving each household a bag of rock salt for the winter? [Twitter]

This happened. [RedState]

So! Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize this morning and everyone on Earth—and the moon, way 2 stick it out moon!—could not be more surprised. Look at Robert Gibbs, just cold saying “wow” on a Twitter thing belonging to CBS person Mark Knoller! And “Erick Erickson,” some sort of retarded cousin of Robbie Robertson and […]