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Here is a fun (!) morning math lesson for you, our brilliant and talented and math-capable readers! If Arkanasas currently provides Medicaid to those making 17 percent of the poverty level in the US, and the poverty line in the US for a single person is $11,170 per year, how little do you have to […]

Good news, liberal-arts majors with Internet connections! Now even though you don’t have a “real job” but are making a livable amount of money by cobbling together three blogging gigs and so don’t have health insurance, starting in 2014 you will be able to (and also required) to stone-cold buy health insurance from whoever you […]

Well, over on whatever website or smelly airwave Glenn Beck currently resides, Beck and his friends/unpaid interns have decided to make some predictions about the 2012 presidential election upon which the fate of the universe rides. Here is Glenn’s measured and educated guess! Wow, good.

Reports about Rick Perry’s secret libtard leanings are swirling in over the flood walls these days, almost as fast as those “Rick Perry is gay” rumors used to knock down our doors before “everyone” was apparently required to stop calling him a closeted homosexual and seriously discuss his asinine policy positions super seriously in case […]

The new interactive maps are here! The new interactive maps are here! These things are 10 million x worse than cocaine, these things are. Click a state, find your county, find other counties, compare to ’04 and ’00, laugh, repeat, don’t get any work done, the end. [NYT President Map]

CRIME  1:58 pm April 18, 2006

Gotta Love Those Red States

by dlat