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We started to write about Erick Erickson, Anger Bear Ken Doll, yesterday, because he’d recently written an incoherent yet completely rage-fueled thing about how you can TOO discriminate against the gays because it is in both Leviticus AND the New Testament unlike the prohibitions on shrimp and clothing with mixed fibers, nyah nyah nyah. It’s […]

Erick son of Erick, with extra Erick on the side, we are just so mad at you. Once again you have failed us all, and not just for being the wrongest Erick ever to Erick. We are mad because in your latest great attempt to be a big old “yeah I said it” sayer of […]

Are you a huge sports fan? Of course not. You are reading Wonkette, which means that you spent gym class defending yourself from a cloud of dodgeballs being thrown in your direction with copies of Mad Magazine and A People’s History to the United States. Well, in between seasons in professional sports, there is this […]

It is a true fact that there were a full dozen or two ladies at CPAC this year wearing sparkly cocktail dresses approximately ten million inches above the knee from nine in the morning ’til eleven at night, each being pursued by 10,000 sex-starved young conservative males. Why else would they all go to CPAC? […]

Our nation’s leading pundits can always be expected to act like the gentlemen-scholars they are, especially while riding public transportation. That’s why CNN fringe-right psychopath Erick “RedState” Erickson has just been twittering important eyewitness accounts of bestselling conventional-wisdom hack Thomas Friedman allegedly being a total asshole to some poor Amtrak employee, who apparently didn’t dispose […]

EVERYONE WITH A BOOK  10:45 am April 9, 2010

by Jim Newell

ERICK ERICKSON TO WRITE GREATEST BOOK SINCE ‘BIBLE’: Thankee, CNN! “In Red State Uprising, Erickson lays out a plan for a conservative counter-revolution to restore America’s constitutional government as the Founders envisioned. Using hard data and historical evidence, Erickson shows that there is a ‘right-size government,’ and what Americans must do to downsize government before […]

CNN’s new anchorman, RedState turd Erick Erickson, is very sorry for calling David Souter a “goat-fucking child molester” because, uh, people are so offended by Erickson’s dumb bullshit that they yelled at his wife! (The nerve!) So, what Erick Erickson means is, he’s sorry that you were offended by his blog, which after all is […]

Oh boy guess what? The Teabaggers figured out a magical way to REPEAL the not-yet-signed Health Care Reform Bill. But does it require getting up off your fat fucking lard ass and turning away from the ‘puter for a moment? Not at all! And is it potentially effective, or even loosely based on American Democracy […]

Have you heard that CNN hired the blog Red State to be its new political commentator, to keep up with Glenn Beck or whatever? It is true. And the blog Red State is super-double crazy, which is fine and all, but now it is advocating some kind of insane “The Joker vs. Batman” wave of […]

RedState’s Moe Lane, an apparent male (?!), recorded a very flattering and pithy video message for President Obama, who, you’ll recall, famously lost New Jersey’s gubernatorial election last night. It’s very important that Moe Lane videotaped himself smugly intoning the words “No, you can’t” in what appears to be a sunken house boat because of […]

Will someone throw some work at George W. Bush’s gang of ex-speechwriters? Recall “Matt Latimer,” an actual alien who wrote an essay for GQ magazine after stumbling across an encyclopedia of all known cliches that he found lodged under some forgotten moon rock on Mars. This latest one, “Josh Trevino,” is not as bad—because he’s […]

Just a week or so ago, California Mormons reproduced in reptilian-fashion, thereby increasing their population several times over. “Be fruitful and multiply,” Joe the Mormon God commanded from a modernist ranch house atop a hill in LA. “This is in preparation for Election Day, when ye shall amass at the polls and vote in favor […]