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Tag: red meat

Actual wall will be built even more bigly

Donald Trump’s Big Immigration Speech Probably Sounded A Lot Better In The Original German

Donald Trump's immigration speech in Phoenix definitely attracted people who already planned to vote for Donald Trump.
A power bottom for your gay love, and also your dollars.

Master Debater Ted Cruz Brilliantly Recites Pre-Written Tantrum

Ted Cruz, the Ivy League-educated Great Debater, has to be feeling pretty chuffed about his big "I paid for this microphone!" moment during Wednesday's terrible CNBC debate, which everyone except Jim Cramer agrees sucked, though why it sucked is...

Ghost Breitbart Notes Hypocrisy In Lack Of Dumb Political Hurricane Jokes

Guys, you will not believed this, but Joel Pollak, the genius non-email-reading editor in chief at Breitbart.com is very unhappy about the hypocrisy of the left! You see, Mr. Pollak has noticed that even though there were a number...