Election 2013 is all over but the shouting, which is mostly Chris Christie’s job anyway, so let’s review: New Jersey: Christie reelected, and a bunch of other people won elections, too. Have you heard of any of them? Neither have we. Should we care? We have a nagging feeling that we probably should. Virginia: Not […]

The newly installed stooge/senator from Minnesota, veteran circus performer Al Franken, had to wait, what, eight months to assume office? And during that time he frittered away many an hour in court, wasting the People’s Money on the frivolous lawsuit that was eventually decided in his favor. Norm Coleman warned him from the very beginning […]

Possibly former senator Norm Coleman has fought valiantly for nearly half a year to secure a return ticket to Washington, DC, where he sleeps in an airless subterranean closet known as “the gimp chamber.” But he has lost his latest legal effort, and the Democratic National Committee is just rubbing salt in the wound.

The St. Paul Saints made a funny Larry Craig souvenir to hand out at their games last year, and what better to follow it up with this year than a bobblehead showing Al Franken and Norm Coleman joined at the cranium and wearing a Sesame Street costume? (This is the image that Hugh Hewitt masturbates […]

QUITTERS  4:47 pm March 20, 2009

by Jim Newell

NORM COLEMAN’S LAWYER IS ‘DONE,’ SOMEHOW: Joe Friedberg, Norm Coleman’s recount attorney, tells Hotline, “Yes, I’m done,” after being asked if he is “done.” It is not clear whether this means he’s quitting, but it does mean that maybe someday, in 2025 or something, Norm Coleman’s legal challenges to his lost 2008 election will be […]

Your faithful Star-Tribune has a little ticker dealy on their front page and look, Al Franken is ahead by nearly 250 votes! The Coleman v. Franken recount has been going on since when, the Carter administration or so? Are both of these people even still alive, or have they been replaced yet by Adam Sandler […]

By now you have heard the very silly story of the jokester who wrote in “Lizard People” on his ballot, singlehandedly derailing the very complicated Senate election in Minnesota. Witness this group of Deciders trying to figure out if Lizard People is a known individual or not. What is sadder, the American election system or […]

Oh here is a fun game! Check out these actual disputed voter ballots from Minnesota, and look at what laughable excuses the Coleman and Franken campaigns have for arguing “voter intent” in one direction or the other. Minnesota Public Radio, you have rendered a valuable time-wasting service unto the nation. [MPR via First Read]

Oh how fantastic, exactly what we wanted to hear, Ralph Nader weaseled his way onto the Florida ballot! WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR RALPH NADER, WHO HAS JUST MADE THE FLORIDA BALLOT. The heroic party that picked him up is the Ecology Party, which must be like the secret “art film wing” of the much […]

For those of you who are rich and elitist and can afford HBO, you may have seen the much-hyped film Recount over Memorial Day weekend, which chronicled Al Gore’s efforts to hijack the country during the 2000 election in disenfranchised Florida. The movie was terrible and hilarious, although Laura Dern’s portrayal of then-Florida Secretary of […]

You know what was “great” about the wingnuts freaking out about the Dunkin’ Donuts ad freakout? Dunkin’ Donuts is actually a product these people use, daily, by eating bags of donuts. And then they start calling the AM talk radio shows, and next thing you know the angry white appliance repairman is wondering if he […]

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by Greg Wasserstorm