What have we got for you over at Happy Nice Time today? What haven’t we got! First, because everyone in the universe has decided that Sunday is the only night that people watch television anymore, we have recaps! We’ve got the whole first episode of Mike Judge’s new HBO show, “Silicon Valley,” so you can […]

Last night’s Newsroom was about many important things presumably, like good journalists being very angry about having to cover the snuff porn that was the Casey Anthony trial, and Rupert Murdoch’s British phone-tapping empire, and Olivia Munn being awesome. There was probably some other Issues in there as well, who can remember? But the only […]

After Gabrielle Giffords (HIIII GABBY! HIIII!) is shot and almost killed in a Tucson strip mall toward the end of this week’s Old Man Sorkin Presents: Get Off My Lawn, there is a devastatingly suspenseful sequence when we literally were on the edge of our mattress wondering if fictional news network ACN was going to […]

It is the night of “election primary,” because the Sigourney Clinton vehicle “Political Animals” is just that sophisticated, and we are literally five minutes in and we are already shrieking and dying for the subtlety of an Aaron Sorkin Newsroom. It is “Getting To Know You” time, and we have already seen: Sigourney Clinton in […]

Apparently last week or the week before, which we did not watch, in fact we might have skipped like five weeks whoops, Bristol was defeated by Los Angeles and headed home after like a week and a half, because “homosexuals.” Now she is back with her absolutely hamburger-brained boyfriend, Gino, whom she was so keen […]

Newsroom episode three: Still no humping. But they will hump because this is an Aaron Sorkin show and Sorkin doesn’t just recycle dialogue but entire series. In this case? He’s recycled Sports Night. Let the humping begin!

Jeff Daniels is sitting on a college panel, and he’s being a dick. He sneers half-assed answers to every question, and then he gets asked a question by a pretty young blonde woman, about America Is Awesome U-S-A. He tries not to answer it some more until he sees the Girl With the Avian Bones […]