recall elections

Irate constituents are just the worst, aren’t they? Republican lawmakers in the Wisconsin state Assembly are grown weary of all this recall mischief, and they refuse to be victimized by voters any longer. Why do Wisconsinites fail to understand how governing is very difficult work, like for example how you can develop carpal tunnel syndrome […]

Alleged Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday morning to talk about the valiant effort to get him recalled, and being a Republican, decided to try to make us feel guilty about our finances, saying that if it weren’t for the Wisconsin taxpaying people’s efforts to overthrow him, the money that’s […]

Wisconsin’s critical elections to recall six Republican legislators and regain control of the state senate take place next week on August 9, which means it is time for the privately-funded organisms of Terror and Death to hurl into action with all their vote-inhibiting might. We have pictured here an actual Voter Deception mailer blingee courtesy […]

The forces of good and evil resume their bilious clouded swirl over the state of Wisconsin today as primary voters go┬áto cast votes in the state’s recall elections against six of Scott Walker’s senate puppets, and it is already just an orgy of dead fetuses and robots. Robocalls possibly from Wisconsin “Right to Life” are […]