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Maybe Dan Brown Had A Point

Today, we find out how many gay people there are while the Vatican works miracles in book selling (not that book!), and a new sport everyone can do but a new reality show almost no can join. Hmmm…. Read more on Maybe Dan Brown Had A Point…
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‘MAGICAL ELVES’ ARE SHOOTING A D.C. REALITY SHOW, TOO: Yet another dumb new show about young rich sociopaths obsessed with power and clothes: “From the Emmy award-winning producers of Project Runway and Top Chef comes a new documentary series about the chic up and comers in our nation’s capital. If you are a Washington, D.C., society insider, recent college graduate or future political powerhouse, please e-mail us atcasting@magicalelves.com. You must be 21 or over and currently live in D.C. or be planning to move there in the next couple of months.” DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Magical elves (e.g. Mitt Romney) are known succubi. [Ezra Klein] Read more on …
  Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

New ‘Reality Show’ Features Rich White Girls In D.C.

Oh guess what, there is going to be a new, gritty reality show about the mean streets of Washington. It is going to be just like The Wire, but will instead follow the lives of a bunch of rich white southern gals who own clothing boutiques or whatever. Jesus fucking christ. [Yeas & Nays] Read more on New ‘Reality Show’ Features Rich White Girls In D.C….