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Ahh, so now we know how Joe Walsh breaks the news to junior that’s he’s going to have to procure his own bread, perhaps from the trash can, because daddy’s vacation ran a little over-budget. And Joe Walsh, being Joe Walsh, would display his masterful paternalistic skill set in a way that involved referring to […]

Famous ’90s sitcom, The Real World, makes its TeeVee debut tonight! A bunch of prudes, gays, alcoholics and racists all lived under one roof right here in Washington DC, and it was amazing. They did things like eat and drink at chain restaurants, consume large amounts of illegal drugs (probably), and when not in their […]

SO IT'S TOO LATE TO BOMB DC?  5:00 pm November 25, 2009

by Ken Layne

SOUNDS LIKE A WONKETTE STAFF MEETING: “The fierce Latina who grew up in a trailer park, the annoying little brother who will hook up with anyone, the inner-city orphan with enough machismo to own this city, the country girl who lived in a barn, the high school sweetheart who discovered he was bisexual, the rebel […]

President Obama basically alienated every law enforcement official in the country when he called that Cambridge cop an ignoramus during his health care phone-a-thon on Wednesday. And now the DC chapter of the National Fraternal Order of Police has publicly chastised the President!

Wednesday, July 15: Today, for your dining pleasure, head to Capitol Hill to watch Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, hand out veggie hot dogs while wearing only strategically placed lettuce leaves. Why, yes, this is the diabolical work of PETA in celebration of National Veggie Dog Day. Get there early to score your […]

DC is the capital of many things, not just Virginia. For instance, it’s a major destination for senseless violence, and it’s also a “must-visit” for any tourist looking to snag a little “Capitol Hill Dome,” in exchange for a crack pebble. Yes, this is a miserable place. But sometimes — not often, but now and […]

OMFG FOR REALZ?  2:48 pm July 1, 2009

by Ken Layne

OMG PEOPLE ARE TWATTING ABOUT REAL WORLD DC TWATS! First, MTV built “love sacks,” and we did nothing. Now, the actual cast of this program, well they are walking around DC! People are doing the Twitter about this! We may have to send Intern Riley over there to hand out some poop-tarts. [Washington City Paper]

Whoa, the news scoops keep coming from City Paper about the horrific plans for the Real World gloom factory on 20th St. NW: The contractors have been instructed to install frightening “Love Sacks” — five of them, in a testicle-shaped “bay window,” so that neighbors and passers-by will have to watch the eight (?) cast […]

What kind of DC buildings generally require a large room called a “confessional,” hmmm? Maybe churches? But nobody builds churches anymore. Maybe Michael Steele’s dream plans for the new GOP headquarters, where the Republicans can boozily admit to their various crimes of racism and pedophilia? NO EVEN BETTER, this is a scoop from the Washington […]

NOODLEHEADS  12:43 pm June 9, 2009

Noodles Without Fuss

by Arielle Fleisher

All the food buzz these days seems to about where the Obamas are eating, or the restaurants to avoid because they’re infested with interns, or where those kids from the Real World are going to eat their first meal in the big city.

MTV’s hit ’90s sitcom The Real World is supposedly filming in D.C. at one point or another, and Wonkette operative ‘jake the catfish’ thinks this will be their secret special fucking house: “2000 S Street is the real world house. heres the pic. furious pace of work. meters blocked off. hipsters smoking cigs in front. […]

We have a bad feeling about this: TeeVee atrocity The Real World, which basically invented “reality television” about 15 years ago, in San Francisco, when this fucking bike messenger with tattoos on his legs would show up to what had been fun bars, and then people would say, “Oh that is the bike messenger from […]

REMAINDERS  9:40 pm April 24, 2006

Remainders: We Can’t Wait!

by dlat