Ah, New York! She had missed it so, had Sister Peggy Noonan of Our Lady of the Joyless Orgasm. The trip to Rome had been just the tonic she needed, a break from the grind of noise and chaos and dodging over-aggressive Uber drivers that made up her life in the City That Never Sleeps. […]

Sun’s out guns out, Staten Island! Behold Saint Ronald of the Rippling Biceps, Vanquisher of Russia and Crusher of Pull-Up Sets, conveniently located next to A Vape Lounge, where all the cool kids are vaping right now and you’re not even invited. So this is a mural, and it’s made by a man named Scott […]

Isn’t that nice, Reagan’s former budget director David A. Stockman has taken to the New York Times to scold at us about debt and government spending and the fact that the “recovery” is a “bubble.” The good news is that we weren’t actually aware that there had been a recovery, so when the bubble pops […]

One of the nicer Independence Day traditions in this country is the swearing-in of new citizens by the President of the USA. Jaded though we may be in this modern age of instant worldwide communications, 24-hour news cycles, and flying robotic kittycat death drones, we nevertheless actually get a little misty-eyed at the idea that, […]

Has former television personality Glenn Beck finally suffered a psychotic break? PROBABLY! He has now built a replica of the Oval Office and will be giving “addresses” from it every week because that is not at all a lunatic thing to do. You guys, we are so excited! What will be the first of Beck’s […]

Bloated GOP gambling addict William Bennett makes his millions in many ways, such as his storied tenure on the board of some sketchy “online charter school” that siphons taxpayer money from real public schools. (It was started by Goldman Sachs executives and convicted felon Michael Milken, of course. Bennett “resigned” from the K12 board after […]

Street-wise Newt Gingrich is the most hip, in-touch guy who ever came up with an idea for winning. Really! Take this latest one: the Obama guy is screwing up so hard employing African-American voters that they are about to defect straight into Newt’s sweaty little red fingers. That is how it works, right? Black people […]

Unlike Robert Byrd, Ayn Rand will never die. If you’ve missed any of our previous episodes, you can catch parts one and two and three before subjecting yourself to this, Part IV.

George H.W. Bush—an equal parts obscure and hated American president whose only historical significance is being half responsible for George W. Bush—didn’t care for Ronald Reagan! Mikhail Gorbachev told the Nation in a recent interview: “In 1987, after my first visit to the United States, Vice President Bush accompanied me to the airport, and told […]

Happy New Year (or “Rosh Hashanah”) to all Wonkette’s Jewish friends! Traditionally one rings in the new year by dipping apples in honey and telling one’s parents that of course, one is absolutely going to synagogue tonight. [Washington Post] An alternative way to celebrate: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced earlier today that the Holocaust was a […]

Think tanks have this magical ability to fix all the evil in the world, just by thinking. This week they solve the Middle East crisis (ABOUT TIME) and explain how the financial crisis has affected everyone from children to small animals to the newest crop of starving, underpaid/unpaid interns in DC.  And the Heritage Foundation […]

IRAQ  7:43 pm September 22, 2006

Giving Iraqis the Middle Finger

by Ken Layne