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Whatever Happened In Sweden, Donald Trump Pretty Sure They Had It Coming

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?

Dad And Son Accused Of Raping Teen Girl Will Base Defense On Bible, As One Does

Should have asked for a dictionary, too. 'Suffer the children' doesn't mean make them suffer.

Good Thing This Boy Wasn’t Racist

A young man who raped a black, mentally disabled teammate with a coat hanger will not receive jail time, because none of the following was a hate crime: As previously reported by The Root, the suit claims Howard...

Ben Carson Pretty Sure Y’all Just Haven’t Heard Enough Of Donald Trump’s Rapey Sexxx Talk

You've never heard people like Trump brag about sexual assault? 'Maybe that's the problem,' says Dr. Ben Carson.

Preacher Who Claims Women In Yoga Pants ‘Deserve Rape’ Arrested For Kicking One

'Brother Dean' Saxton has been arrested for kicking a woman in the chest, for Jesus.

Godly, Jesusy Ohio Ex-Mayor Was Pretty Sure The 4-Year-Old He Was Raping Was Into It

He described her as a "willing participant."
This child can't stand Maureen Dowd either

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Logically consistent since 1964

God Spares Phyllis Schlafly Sight Of First Woman President

Phyllis Schlafly is up in heaven now, telling all the lady angels to get back in the kitchen.

Brock Turner’s Judge Needs Moneys, So He Can Set Some More Rapists Free

As you may have heard, Stanford Rapist Brock Turner gets out today after only having served half of his very, very, very light sentence. Only three months in jail for raping a woman in an alley! Lots of people feel...

This One Chart Explains How Donald Trump Is Vile Beyond Description

Donald Trump's much anticipated (so they say) speech on illegal immigration used the word "kill" six times. "Murder" came up three times. There was one "rape," three "violent," a whopping 24 "criminal," five "horrible," just one "terrible" (!), five...

Teen Rapist Looks Forward To Enjoying College Experience, No Jail Time

David Becker is the new Brock Turner.

Let’s Try Talking About Juanita Broaddrick, Again

Good morning! This week, I wrote about Juanita Broaddrick, and her allegation that Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room in Arkansas, almost 40 years ago. Buzzfeed came out with an extremely well-done, thoughtful interview with her, and...

Teen Tennis Player Who Sexually Assaulted Autistic Girl Will Not Have Future Ruined By Prison

Prosecutors say Nicholas Fifield would not benefit from going to prison for sexual assault.

Ann Coulter Finally Stands Up For ‘Rape Victim,’ And It Is Somehow Donald Trump

Ann Coulter wants to know why all these GOP wusses are standing by and letting Donald Trump get 'raped' by the media.