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David Becker is the new Brock Turner.

Good morning! This week, I wrote about Juanita Broaddrick, and her allegation that Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room in Arkansas, almost...

Prosecutors say Nicholas Fifield would not benefit from going to prison for sexual assault.

Ann Coulter wants to know why all these GOP wusses are standing by and letting Donald Trump get 'raped' by the media.

Wondering what a Trump presidency might look like? Check out Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte, who's all about law and order and saying any damn thing he wants to.

Stockton Republican Mayor Anthony Silva accused of recording teen playing strip poker with him at the camp he worked at.

We watched Dinesh D'Souza's latest movie so you won't have to.

Happy Back To The Rat Race Day, Wonketariat! Are you looking forward to the coronation of the Khaleesi this week in Philadelphia, where the Democratic...

Rightwing blogs went crazy with stories of a 'gang rape' by 'Syrian refugees' that turned out to be mostly paranoid rumor. So when authorities clarified what happened, obviously that was part of the cover-up, too.

Somehow they think Judge Aaron Persky might be a tad biased!

Moms are the best. They don't even care that you raped that woman. Awwwww, moms!

Here's a nice story for your Friday morning!

Trigger warning, because this Republican might just make you cry. Or cheer. Or both.

Leslie Rasmussen's band 'Good English' gets kicked out of several music festivals.

Missouri House passes Personhood Bill with no exceptions for rape victims.

At a campaign rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Sunday, Donald Trump forcefully described China's trade relationship with the USA as an act of...

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