Sure, we can make jokes about the world ending this Saturday, but there is suddenly ample evidence: God has chosen his most reputable media servant to go to Jerusalem and tell the Palestinians to stop existing. According to Glenn Beck, “evil” forces, the ones who so evilly allowed Arabs to overthrow their dictators, are washing […]

Teabagger rallies are happening across the country today because Teabaggers thought April 15 is Tax Day this year; it’s not. Probably worried about another embarrassingly low turnout, no event was held in D.C. Your editor, like a number of other blog types in New York City, stopped by the one in Foley Square, which organizers […]

As the world knows, one of those stations on the teevee reserved some of the green areas of the National Mall on which to have a comedy concert thing, and this is happening right now. If you decided you did not want to go to this thing and be forced to stand among the unwashed […]

If you haven’t heard, Comedy Central is going to have a comedy event this weekend on the National Mall, because some of their shows are primarily rooted in political humor. This has very much confused the media, because people who hold “rallies” on this spot of dirt and grass are usually very political! (Except for […]

What an inspiring speech! There’s birther Phil Berg, leader of this rally, hacking up phlegm and relaying the laundry list of “proof” we all know now by heart that the president was not born in the United States. As Dave Weigel notes, there were “dozens of people” at this thing! That is a really big […]

A graduate student from UCLA photographed 250 signs that she saw at the 9/12 FreedomWorks rally, and then did scientific experiments to determine whether these signs were racist or not. The grad student’s analysis found “only about a quarter of all signs reflected direct anger with Obama. Only 5 percent of the total mentioned the […]

At one point in our nation’s history, popular political action was supposed to mean something. For example, the entire Vietnam War was fought because the Vietcong stole John Kerry’s windsurfing board, and all of America’s youth gathered in the streets to protest this by sticking flowers filled with explosives into the guns of the National […]

The most important thing concerning liberals is no longer getting their party — which actually controls the legislative and executive branches — to pass liberal laws; it is to spend all their time criticizing teevee people who just want to make money off of the stupidity of conservatives. Thus, liberal groups are coming together this […]

If you want to get a feel for what the 9/12 rallies in Washington, Sacramento, and St. Louis were like, just take your laptop to the nearest Old Country Buffet, flip it open next to the meat bar, and watch this video that the Tea Party Patriots made especially for the trifecta-occasion.

Oh look, Twitter, Sarah Palin is here to tell us that the media is being silly about her pal @beck’s rally. What’s that silly media? You say @beck is the Twitter handle not of Glenn Beck but of the multi-instrumentalist musicman Beck? Sounds like you’re just relying on your eyes and ears again, like idiots.

Hot on the pristine white velcro tennis-shoe’d heels of Glenn Beck’s weekend Slob Picnic/miracle, the Birthers have announced that they too plan on rallying in our nation’s beleaguered capital. Hooray!

Glenn Beck and an army of Teabaggers are going to march on Washington on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech this weekend for some reason or another. Basically somebody at Beck headquarters said, “Let’s get some of those yelling people to yell about things on the National Mall, but let’s put Glenn […]

Hey you guys, are you going to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on “8.28.10”? We should all carpool with Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin in their cars/snow machines and sing “Cat Scratch Fever” on the way, it will be so cool. But if their rides are full, then maybe our National […]

Tim Pawlenty, the Minnesota governor who wants to be president but is incapable of making anyone care about him, ever, was so jealous of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann’s CURRENT & ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW death rally that he stone cold invited himself and fuckin’ bought the website BachmannRally.com, putting his own stupid logo over […]

Here is a clip, ANY clip, of John McCain’s rally with Sarah Palin this afternoon, in Arizona. See she’s bustin’ out the leather tit jacket. TeLLyPrOmmTr, notes-on-mah-hand, etc. But just look at John McCain back there. Just look at him. At :32, clapping like that robot monkey with the cymbals. He has no idea what […]