The not-at-all racist members of the British National Party are big believers in the “self-deportation” policies championed by one Mittens J. Romneyford, Esq. They also have some interesting views on the gheys, and they do not appreciate it when those views are challenged. Especially when the challenger is a dog. RawStory brings us the raw story. […]

Buena Vista Township sounds like some swampy patch of Florida where Jack Lemmon or Al Pacino might try to sell you real estate, but it’s not. It’s worse. Buena Vista Township is this miserable flat place near Saginaw, Michigan, aka Flint without the glitter. According to Google Maps, BVT features such landmarks as a McDonald’s […]

It’s hard out there these days for America’s once proud population of deranged racists. They made the mistake of getting their hopes up that the nice Mormon fellow might finally boot the “boy” out of the White House, only to be miserably crushed by the combined forces of New Black Panther Party and Nate Silver […]

Meet Todd Kincannon. This tall drink of water is the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, an attorney, and the community organizer of something on Twitter called the Twitter Gulag Defense Network or #tgdn. Todd Kincannon is also a man with some very strong opinions about last night’s Super Bowl. This Super […]

You know how it goes: you’re young, you’re questioning a lot of things, you’re working as a sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina, and you’re open to some “out there” ideas! Why not experiment with eastern religions? Why not drop some acid? Why not join the Ku Klux Klan? That’s the sort of thing that might […]

Oh Charlene Idelle Hunziker, 47, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, gurrrrl, don’t you ever change! First, a liquid lunch at PF Chang’s, where you harass all the customers about NOBAMA being a Muslin; second, embarrass your daughter so much that she leaves you down in Chinatown (or at least the West Des Moines version thereof); third, […]

It’s Condi Fever everywhere! And we don’t mean the kind where little Middle Eastern children get bomb shell infections during the arbitrary “eh what the hell, sure” American occupation du jour. We mean the hot new Vice Presidential sensation sweeping the land, for a pretermined narrative duration of ~48 hours! And while Mitt Romney is […]

It seems like just two months ago that the august and erudite National Review Online was having to face its terrible shame and can all its writers for being bald horrible racists. And yet their newest fellow likes to write things about how the Founding Fathers didn’t let black people vote for a reason. And […]

Well, here is some fine post-Election Day news for you! Seems another Democrat besides President I Guess It Rains Down In Africa was on the primary ballot in West Virginny, and, with 83 percent of precincts reporting, 40 percent of the Democrats there voted for him! So who is Keith Judd? Well, he is currently […]

There is a thing called American Renaissance, and it is not very nice. And there is a man named Robert Weissberg who liked to go to their meetings and discuss “how Jews feel about the schwarzes” and “the future of white nationalism” and who wrote for National Review until … oh, right about last night, […]

Hi, racist New Orleans cop? The Fifth Amendment called and wanted to remind you of your right to not incriminate yourself by posting comments, on Facebook, under your name, while on desk duty for your role in another shooting, about Trayvon Martin being “in Hell,” YOU STUPID FUCKING RACIST CRACKER.

The top federal judge in Montana simply does not care for America’s federal president, Barack Obama. That’s why he had no choice but to send a racist email that suggests Barack Obama is black because his white mother was impregnated by a … dog. A black dog, we guess? “The only reason I can explain […]

During Wednesday night’s debate in some temporarily politically relevant zone of America, Rick Santorum defended his belief that contraception is dangerous and the cause, as opposed to the solution, to social problems like single motherhood and attendant issues e.g. poverty, but not zygotes, because they are not a problem but are excellent in every imaginable […]

In a page right out of Newt Gingrich’s alternate-history science-fiction wingnut-polygamy utopian epic Candyland Space Land, the school district in Tucson has completely banned Mexican-American studies, seized all the textbooks and even wall posters from the classrooms, and punished the students who protested by sentencing them to janitorial duty. The self-hating Latina lady who oversees […]

It was a great Republican debate in South Carolina, we bet! But there was a rerun of an infomercial we decided to watch instead, while eating rat poison and singing disco songs about urinating on the dead enemy in Europe or something. Here’s the debate host guy, broadcaster Juan Williams, rudely interrupting Newt Gingrich’s standing […]