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Tough Tomi, Titty

Tomi's Not That Wet

Joy Reid Rips Trump Pastor A New Shithole For Hating Dirty UnAmerican Poors

And God said unto thee: Joy Reid, explain Jesus for this Trump loving jackass who hates poors from shithole countries.

Democrats Gonna Fight Talk Radio Asshole Trump Nominated To Do ‘Science.’ GOOD!

Why on earth do liberals insist that the USDA's chief scientist be a scientist? Nobody insisted the president know what he's doing, did they? Also, it's your OPEN THREAD!

Wonkagenda: Friday, October 28, 2016

The Bundy Bunch gets off, K Street revs up, and a Sportsball update! Here's your morning news brief!

British Lady Judge Calls Racist Tosser Bad Words, Must Now Be Probed For Bad-Word-Using

An English judge is under investigation for breaching judicial decorum after throwing a jerkface defendant's obscenities right back at him. We think she should get the Order of the British Empire.

Democrats Target Donald Trump’s Greatest Weakness: Donald Trump

The Democratic Convention probed for weaknesses in the Republican nominee, and found a target-rich environment.

Boris Johnson, Noted Lout And Buffoon, Is England’s Next Top Model

As Americans we don't really care what the rest of Not-America does because they have to do whatever we tell them or risk receiving our freedom bullets. However, some foreign policy analysts (nerds with thick glasses, funny accents and...
Oh, it's this asshole again

Evil Dumb Maine Gov. Paul LePage Would Love To See Heads Roll In Public Square

Maine's functionally illiterate idiot Gov. Paul LePage flapped his face hole again, and that never works out well for him. Earlier this month, he was sorry not sorry OK maybe a little sorry but not really for saying "guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie,...

Racist Idiot Maine Gov. Paul LePage: I’m Not Sorry ‘My Brain Didn’t Catch Up To My Mouth’

OK, everybody, shut it down. There's no reason to poutrage over Maine Gov. Paul LePage's claim on Thursday that "guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty" are invading sweet lil' old Maine, from the Big City of Connecticut, to...

Rep. Steve King Wants To Know Why His Muslim Colleagues Hate America

Ah, Steve King. The pride of Iowa. Lover of rape babies, hater of puppies. How we haven't missed you one tiny little bit. And yet here you are, catching that nasty case of Trump that's going around. King hit the pause button,...
It's only racist if it's about the guy on the top, according to wingnuts.

RedState Explains Racisting, How Does It Work?

The bucket of mental squirrel pellets known as wingnut intertubes site RedState has found somebody making racisms! No, it wasn't about President Obama. We're pretty sure they're still complaining about how the P.C. police won't let them hurl racial slurs in...
I have a dream that one day, rightwingers will read more than that one line about 'the content of our character.'

Former Deadbeat Congressjerk Solves Black America’s Problems, With Twitter

Infamous deadbeat dad and former tea party congressschmuck Joe Walsh brings us this fine tweet that pretty much defies satire, or at least renders it thoroughly unnecessary: And after a couple hours, Walsh was back with another nugget of wisdom! This...
Bloody peasant!

Hey Dumbass! Prosecution Is Not Persecution: A Wonksplainer

There’s been a lot of yammering this week about a certain Kentucky lady who has been “air quotes” “persecuted” for her beliefs that Teh Gays can suck it, and not in the Dan Savage GGG way. But while she...
Sean Hannity knows these are the faces of the True Oppressors.

Use These 5 Black Hippity-Hop Songs To Oppress Sean Hannity’s Lily-White Ass

What is WRONG with Sean Hannity? No, we mean besides the obvious things like his incompletely formed sense of his own masculinity. Hannity had a MELTDOWN over the Confederate Flag on his radio show Wednesday. You see, if retailers are...

Millennials Do Racism Almost As Good As They Do Texting, Studies Show

Everybody's always talking about "millennials this" and "millennials that" and "millennials sure do bitch a lot" and "millennials are so bad because of their helicopter parents," but it turns out they're good at something, and that something is racism!...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Doesn’t Love America

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, Rudy Giuliani is an asshole even by his standards, Bill O'Reilly is full of shit even by his standards, and Oklahoma is ignorant etc. Missed last week's...