You know what’s wonderful? Living in a post-racial America, where everyone is judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. For example: Tucker Carlson is a dick not because of his race, but because he is a cosmic turd wrapped in leaking anal polyps sent here to punish […]

Every red-blooded American man knows the best way to sex ladies is to whisper sweet racisms in their ear. Every red-blooded American man who is Donald Sterling, that is. “I’m trying to have sex with her. I’m trying to play with her,” he says. “You know, if you’re trying to have sex with a girl […]

Sometimes, we are grudgingly impressed by the lengths that stupid/awful people will go in terms of their behavior in the workplace. Take for example one Mr. Ronald O. Ross, superintendent of the Greenburgh School District in New York, who managed to call his employees “bitch” in a stunning variety of ways, according to a lawsuit […]

Hey, Americans! Pants-pooping child-bride-marrying bumbaclot Ted Nugent has had some serious thoughts about freedom and liberty, and also on how sad it is that certain people have gained political office. And in fact, he has some regrets. Are they regrets that he is still not dead or in jail? Sadly, they are not. But he […]

Once again proving that Big Government is evil, the city of Leith, North Dakota (pop. 19), is seeking to make good on its promise to demolish the house purchased by white supremacist Craig Cobb, who had hoped to convince a whole bunch of other White Power Rangers to buy abandoned buildings in the tiny town […]

John Rocker, he’s this guy. You remember him from being a balls-out racist, and maybe from those times he writed very important columns full of very big words, at the Internet Repository for Washed-Up Lunatics, WND. Well, now he has more things to say, and those things are that he is way more awesomer than […]

So here’s the latest twist in the saga of Craig Cobb, the Nazi Übermensch who’s trying to turn Leith, North Dakota, into an Aryan paradise: Turns out that Cobb had a very good reason to go out patrolling the town while brandishing a gun, because the poor man’s home was the target of a vicious act […]

Hey, so after Arctic griftbull Sarah Palin was balls-out racist yesterday, saying Blackrack Obama was committing a “shuck and jive” against white people, she took to Facebook to pen a response to her awful critics. Well, not “pen,” someone else wrote it for her. Someone white. For the record, there was nothing remotely racist in my […]

The wingers are clicking their heels this morning, as the documentary 2016: Obama’s America, based on the widely condemned works of pretend scholar troll Dinesh D’Souza, hit number 8 at the weekend box office! With total a haul of 9 million dollars, it is now the “#1 all-time biggest-grossing conservative political documentary,” which is… it’s […]

Some time in the distant sworls of misty time, Mitt Romney’s newest backer (to the tune of 10,000 simoleons), Scott Baio, of Joanie Loves Chachi, sent out a “funny” tweeter of Michelle Obama, and he was all like U UGLY LOL and other tweeterers called him racist, even though he didn’t call Michelle Obama a […]

Tinley Park IL – Tinley Park is a small community that has a way of making anyone who visits feel right at home. It’s a place that allows people to know one another, shake hands with an old friend while walking down the main road and gather nightly at local restaurants sporting a ‘come one, […]

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe bowtied nancy-boy Tucker Carlson doesn’t really like black people? That’s so weird how you would think that. Tucker Carlson should probably get himself an Intelligent Well-Socialized Black to befriend so as to head off suspicions that he is also being a giant racist while he is beating […]

Big Rapids, MI –- Jim Crow is back, baby! Ferris State University has recently opened the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia and it is chock-full of beautifully restored treasures of hatred. The museum has the nation’s largest public collection of racist artifacts. Founder David Pilgrim makes no apologies for the museum and hopes it […]

TERRORISM  1:25 pm August 31, 2006

Conrad Burns: Racist and Insane

by Ken Layne