To mark a year that saw the Voting Rights Act overturned because it’s outdated at the same time that states made it harder for people to vote, here’s The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore to recognize some outstanding accomplishments in making us throw our hands in the air and wondering what’s wrong with people. Or as […]

You know who is the greatest friend The Blacks ever had? We mean besides Donald Trump. It is awesome rock & roller and Republican Minority Outreach Specialist Ted Nugent! He is always talking about how he is not racist because he loves Motown and some other “reasons” probably too, oh, we remember one, he is […]

Greetings, mis pequeños Wonquitos! Hope you’re up for another exciting trip to the Purgatory of Ideas that is the comments queue! Our first unsuccessfully attempted comment was a reaction from “Katherine,” who was quite displeased with our failure to recognize our intellectual betters, particularly the Big Thoughts of Ben Shapiro: Ben Shapiro is more intelligent […]

So here is a tale of justice of sorts: Joe Rickey Hundley, the former executive from Idaho who slapped a crying toddler on a Delta flight as it was on approach to Atlanta last February, has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison for the assault. He had pleaded guilty in October in a […]

Thanks to a 9th-grade teacher in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, America now has its Official Stupidest Meme for the 2013 holiday season. Megyn Kelly’s teevee contribution to the idiocy was certainly the first and loudest, but an unnamed teacher at Cleveland High School gave “Don’t you know Santa Claus is white?” its definitive real-world test […]

Obama For America, the campaign organization thingy that is in charge of Prezzy Obezzy’s twitter feed for some unknown reason, has sent out a VERY OFFENSIVE TWEET “honoring” Rosa Parks by making it alllll about the first black president. Why would Rosa Parks have cared fuck-all about a black man becoming president, when she had […]

Enjoy this Wonkette Holiday Classic recipe all over again, as though The Gipper was still wandering around somewhere: Whatever the hell “monkey bread” might be — something racist, we assume — it was the thing our favorite first lady Nancy Reagan was known to “cook,” at Thanksgiving or whatever. For America, and for Ronnie! Delight […]

With that special blend of enthusiasm, snotty self-righteousness, and utter disregard for tact that can only be mustered by douchebags in their early 20s, the Young Conservatives of Texas will hold a hilariously fun “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game” at University of Texas at Austin. The festivities, planned for Wednesday, will involve club members walking […]

Here is a fun tale about a mean old racist man who loves to work for the county for a cool almost hundred large, and who is also obviously a Republican because a) racist and b) hypocrite and c) “small government no taxes” we are gonna just assume while he has also been feeding at […]

Welcome to a Very Special Armistice Day Edition of Derp Roundup, our weekly accumulation of arglebargle that was too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite enough to do a full post on. Let’s ring in the Derp with this bit o’ conspiracy theorizin’: Mitt Romney mighta won the 2012 election if only that power-mad […]

When we woke up this morning, we felt a disturbing vibe that left us with a dread akin to the thought of motorboating Chris Christie’s moobs. We soon realized that this was not the fault of the sweet, god-fearing, kindhearted and ultra-loving GOP, but rather because we were drowning in a sea of hatred, spawned […]

Hey, what’s up with former President Jimmy Carter today? Pretty much the usual — talking about punching out foreign leaders and crediting Harry S Truman for curing him of racism. On the foreign-leader-smackdown front, Carter told the Johnannesburg Sunday Times that he was so angry with former South African president Thabo Mbeki’s denial of the […]

Tipster “Nicholas” writes: Would someone figure this out, and then explain it to me in writing on an internet site? Sure, no problem, “Nicholas!” [watches video] [picks brain off floor] [stuffs it back into skull via nostrils] [passes out] [wakes up in a stranger's bed] [dressed as a minotaur] [me, not him] [has aneurysm] [is […]

We had a feeling that just one collection of Halloween idiocy would not be sufficient to hold all the Derp that the holiday generates, and we were right. So here we go with Derpin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. How about we just get the ugliest story out of the way right up front? In Norfolk, Virginia, […]

Hey-ho, Wonkerinos and Wonkerinas! Here we are at the day before Halloween, and as usual, some people are just cold insisting on celebrating the coming holiday by hanging bats in their belfries. Let’s have a look: Father Peter Carota is very worried about all this evil Halloweening that otherwise-decent people allow their children to participate […]