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Apparently LePage thinks it's cool to say you want to murder a legislator, as long as you only want to murder him in a duel in 1825.

Those whimsical playful race-baiters of the 'alt-right' have made their own version of the already terrible 'We Didn't Start the Fire.' It has no beat and you can't dance to it.

We can hardly believe it either (because it is not true)!

Corey Lewandowski explained why Donald Trump's appeals to African-Americans always happen in front of white audiences: Black areas are too dangerous.

A Republican nominee for Congress accuses her Democratic opponent, incumbent Tulsi Gabbard, of being a devil worshipper because Gabbard is Hindu. She also hates Japanese-Americans. She seems nice.

Hey, Dinesh D'Souza saw our review of his dumb movie! He didn't like it much.

A deep, wonky dive into how hard Breitbart and Stephen Bannon suck.

A Tulsa man has been charged with murdering his next-door neighbor because he was from Lebanon. Yes, in the USA in 2016.

Let's see who's angry at Yr Wonkette this week. Oh, it is everyone who has ever read us, according to commenters we've never seen before.

There she is, Miss Teen USA! There she is, your ideaaaaalllll! Unless your "ideal" involves not being particularly predisposed to using racial slurs on...

Smear Merchants is our new Wonkette house band name, we are calling it now.

What's more likely? Racist Democrats making up brand-new (and awkward) slurs for Latinos, or wingnuts ignoring context completely?

Michael Jordan is a very big superstar important person! Will this help change the conversation?

He says he believes in equal rights for all, but wants to take a stand for 'European Americans.'

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