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Pennsylvania Governor Jumps On Trendy Not-Executing-People Bandwagon

Pennsylvania's execution chamber, 2000
So here’s one to chalk up in the “good news” column: new Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has fulfilled a campaign promise and imposed a moratorium on the death penalty in his state, calling the capital punishment system “error-prone, expensive and anything but infallible.” Good on him! Read more on Pennsylvania Governor Jumps On Trendy Not-Executing-People Bandwagon…
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National Review Explains Why More Black Preschoolers Are Suspended: It’s Because They Are Criminals

You probably remember, somewhere under the absinthe haze you live in, that story from Friday about the racial disparity in school suspensions: starting in preschool, black children are far more likely to be suspended from school than white kids. Well, in a complete surprise to nobody, the National Review Online has proclaimed that it’s just common sense that black 4- and 5-year-olds are more unruly, because just look at the black crime rate: Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic males of the same age combined. Given such high crime rates, what do the civil-rights advocates and the Obama administration think is going on in the classroom — docile obedience and strict self-discipline? In fact, the same weak impulse control that leads to such high crime rates among young black males inevitably means more disruptive behavior in school. It just makes sense, says NRO’s Heather MacDonald, presumably because there’s just something about white and Hispanic preschoolers that makes them so much better at impulse control. Read more on National Review Explains Why More Black Preschoolers Are Suspended: It’s Because They Are Criminals…
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Barack Obama Now Trying To Murder White Children, With Asthma

How is the Obama administration trying to murder white children today? Oh, only by giving them more asthma, for racial fairness, according to this incredibly logical and sane explicator in The American Thinker. Thinking! Pull up your coffee, and learn how to do it, with the American Thinker to guide you! The Obama Administration has identified the latest front in its tireless war against America’s systemic injustice: asthma. A new report […] argues, in effect, that freedom has led to an unfair distribution of healthy lungs, and therefore steps must be taken to achieve respiratory justice. The official press release for this report does not commit itself on the question of whether greater asthmatic-racial “parity” ought to be attained by reducing the incidence of asthma among minorities, increasing the rate among whites, or some combination of the two. Well of course Barack Obama wants to give more white children asthma, that is what the EPA drones over the Heartland are for, to ooze diabolical chem-trails onto the (white) children of farmers, that just makes sense. Read more on Barack Obama Now Trying To Murder White Children, With Asthma…