Just like last week, Daddy Duggar and spawn Jill are in Nepal, which means maybe we’ll have the joy of more casual racism from Daddy. Do you know how much we’ve come to hate the intro credits where Mom Duggar reads the list of all the children’s names? ALL THE HATE. Honest to God we […]

We are thanking our lucky stars above that unlike last week, there is only one episode of the Duggar family saga, “19 Kids and Counting” to recap this week. Watching two of them is a level of torture we don’t deserve, no matter what we’ve done. We’re watching those endless credits again, and realizing that […]

Last year, Douglas Phillips, the head of Vision Forum Ministries, one of those deeply creepy Quiverfull churches, and total superfriend of Clown Car Vagina Family Duggars, stepped down after revealing he’d had a “lengthy, inappropriate affair” with a ladyperson. He kinda sorta forgot to mention that the “inappropriate affair” was actually a 6-year pattern of […]

Watch, if you can, this video of 21% of the Duggar children as they explain the secret to successful family life, especially how to do dating, or as these gals call it, “courtship,” because only sluts “date.” It’s “dating with a purpose,” they explain, aimed at finding a good Christian man to fill your quiver. […]

Happy Blowvember, everyone! Yet another rightwing “pro family” leader has  resigned after an extramarital affair; this time around, it’s Douglas Phillips, former president of “Vision Forum Ministries.” In a seriously icky resignation statement, Phillips writes There has been serious sin in my life for which God has graciously brought me to repentance. I have confessed […]

Gawd, you people are awful. According to famous women-binding failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney the problem with you selfish dolts is that you simply won’t get married when you’re really young. “Some people could marry, but choose to take more time for themselves,” Romney tells graduates of Southern Virginia University. “Others plan to wait until […]

Hey ladies! How’s your womb? Is it fruitful? No? What about now? Is it fruitful yet? Well are you even TRYING? It is your job to fill your stomach with tiny babies, a Quiver full of babies even, and if you do not want, say, 19 babies, then you are a heathen Communist Chinee. That […]