Let’s “open the kimono” here for a minute: Your Wonkette does not want this great nation of ours to be run by perverts and crazies; but, in another sense, your Wonkette needs this to be the case, because pervert/crazy politicians bring in the pageviews and associated ad moneys. That’s why the endless vote-recounting wackiness in […]

Oh man, if there’s one thing that can only mean good things, it’s when a longtime Congressman who was already going to quit at the end of the term — which is, like, only five months away — decides, ‘Enh, you know what, I don’t have another five months to waste on this bullshit,’ and […]

Oh, man, when you get a 16-paragraph email from someone at 11 pm you know that only good things are in it, right? Generally these things are some variation of “I DON’T NEED YOU, WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME, YOU NEVER LOVED ME.” But Rick Santorum is made of tougher stuff than that, in that […]

What has Sarah Palin quit today? Her own headline act at Iowa’s big Tea Party circus this Saturday. And how is this different than everything else this mentally unstable con-artist has quit since losing her one and only national election? Well, this time, she managed to attack her former dingbat-grifter protege Christine O’Donnell in the […]

Remember that funny, foul-mouthed creature who used to lurk around Barack Obama, screaming things? Well he left Washington, D.C. because he heard the Earthquake of 2011 was a-comin’ and wanted to be in Chicago, where the ground does not move. And he is so happy he did this that he cannot keep his love a […]

Probably NO HUMAN ON EARTH SAW THIS COMING but just as God or common sense or Mohammed long ago wrote in stone that which must come to pass, Sarah Palin has decided to quit her dumb summer vacation RV road trip before it was finished. Quick and pointless and halfway through, like all of Sarah […]

This “Everybody is quitting the Newt Gingrich campaign” headline is pooping all over our Google Reader again, which, isn’t this a few weeks old already? Oh, uh, this time it is Newt’s campaign fundraising team jumping ship to go swim for less rat carcass-infested waters. Nobody is willing to fork over money to pay for […]

Professional quitters the Palin clan are working on their resume again: Bristol Palin is moving out of her Phoenix narcomansion only six months after she paid $172,000 in cash for it. She’s renting it out for $1,400 a month so that YOU TOO can wake up each day in the angry meth wonderland exurbs of […]

Bland suburban daily the Washington Post is asking for one hundred volunteers who want to stab forks into their eyes for a few days and help scour 24,000 Sarah Palin emails to prevent Chris Cilizza from developing a brain tumor reading them on his own. The complete set of official emails from Palin’s tenure as […]

Evan Bayh wants everyone to know that Democrats are going to lose a lot of seats in the midterms this year. “I think it’s of comparable magnitude,” he said, referring to party losses in 1980 and 1994. One of those seats the Democrats will lose is Bayh’s, because he likes to drop out of elections […]

Bob Gates used to be a good Republican who didn’t go in for this namby-pamby “Let’s announce to our enemies the date when we will stop bombing them” bull-hockey, but two years as a member of Obama’s Politburo have clearly turned his brain into Democrat mush. That’s why he’s announcing a phased, strategic withdrawal from […]

MINDLESS CANNIBALISM  12:58 pm June 25, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

WEIGEL RESIGNS IN DISGUST: OK, we do not know if he is disgusted, but we sure are! The Washington Post’s great experiment in assigning someone who knows what he’s doing and works hard to cover a political movement ends in failure. Weigel quit in the wake of his note to a private email list that […]

Three whole weeks ago, star of stage and screen Tim James submitted himself to the approval of the Alabama Republican electorate, along with two other, lesser candidates. Did it make sense to them? Nobody could tell! James and some dude named “Bentley” were almost tied for second and the right to go a run-off. But […]

Whoa looks like Rahm Emanuel can’t even quit first. This from the Washington Post tonight: “White House budget director Peter Orszag has decided to leave the Obama administration, likely in the next few weeks, a Democrat familiar with his plans said Monday night. His departure would make him the first member of President Obama’s Cabinet […]

Lobsterback broadsheet The Telegraph published a very suspicious story on Sunday suggesting White House Chicago Thug Rahm Emanuel will quit his Chief of Staff job later this year, probably after the midterms, because mean Barack Obama will not let Rahm crush his stupid little enemies like the dumb twigs they are. Why does Barack Obama […]