quiet rooms

We can’t rule out, regarding this tweet above that posits the unlikely claim that His Lord High … fuck it, Mitt Romney … is “concerned” about the growing wealth gap, the possibility that Romney was talking about the shocking disparities in life opportunity between millionaires and billionaires.

Despite its organizer’s prediction that “thousands of ex-gays” would turn out for a protest in front of the Supreme Court, the big “Ex-Gay Pride Month” event Wednesday drew a whopping ten people. Yr Wonkette would like to apologize for our wildly inaccurate prediction that the event would attract “tens, possibly dozens” of attendees. There’s just […]

Who are these you people who insist on making mockery of Mittens Romney, His Lord High Hairgel? Why have they not yet been put in a quiet room, in Guantanamo? Beats us. And better yet, find them and beat them! [AmIARomney?]

Doodley doodley doo, what’s this? You say Mitt Romney said something perhaps a mite insensitive about Working People and how hilarious it is when they are shoved into a Detroit snowbank, their waif children cold and crying? Take it back, we will not have such slanders and libels! Our Mittens is ever wise and tender […]

Now listen here, Mitt Romney would just like to say, it is awfully unsporting of Barack Obama to go jaunting about on his campaign trail rousing mischief among the rabble and inciting their passions until they are envious of Mittens’ lovely piles of money. MANNERS. The correct way to address this dirty business of the […]