question 6

Happy Ceremonial Inauguration Day! On this, the day Big Barry Bamz The Dancing Muslim said “gay marriage” in a real inaugural address, we bring you further news of the crumbling Judeo-Christian democracy: You may recall a little contest in which we offered to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple in Maryland, where it […]

Updated below. We have a contest on our hands, people! There are no rules but the prize is getting married. Since Maryland voters got all hopped up on equality and passed Question 6, Your Wonkette has decided to get in on the gay marriage game, because we Care About The Community and it sounds way […]

So there’s this Maryland referendum coming up for a vote on November 6, see, and it’s about letting gay people marry each other. You know, so they can get those sweet tax deductions, and visit each other in the hospital, and share health insurance, and commit publicly to the one they love — all that […]