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Good Luck On Recall Of Lady Mayor Calling Your Kids ‘Queer,’ Troy, Michigan!

Michigan’s most unintentionally comedic mayor since Kwame Kilpatrick was fellated while he was simultaneously texting and eating pork lips/entrails at “Benz Chili Bowl” is cold getting recalled. We speak of Janice Daniels, the most holy and exalted mayor of Troy, MI, one of those blandly pleasant/affluent suburbs that’s pretty much indistinguishable from every other blandly pleasant/affluent suburb. Oh, look, Old Navy! And P.F. Changs! Daniels once famously Facebooked that she was done with her “I <3 New York” tote bag because all those “queers” (her word) getting married in New York ruined her traditional values. Then, as an apology for queergate, Daniels told a local high school gay-straight alliance that she would like to invite a “panel of psychologists” to an anti-bullying workshop so they could explain how the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous. Mainly, the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous because idiots with Janice Daniels’ worldview will beat you within an inch of your queer (her word) life for being so queer (her word). Read more on Good Luck On Recall Of Lady Mayor Calling Your Kids ‘Queer,’ Troy, Michigan!…