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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry official wedding photo

Texas Bigot Should Be More Like The Queen

Queen Elizabeth is now blacker than Rachel Dolezal.

Deleted Comments: Turns Out Some People REALLY Don’t Like The Pope. Who Knew?

If a post is about guns, the Catholic church, or vaccines, you can bet it'll keep getting weird comments for years.

Jared Kushner: Oh, THAT Russian Money? I Didn’t Know You Meant THAT Russian Money!

We don't know how to tell you this, but it's possible Jared Kushner forgot another Russian connection.

Paradise Lost. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 6, 2017

Another mass shooting, both Michael Flynns in trouble, and the Paradise Papers expose Ameros in hiding in Not America. Your morning news brief!



Queen Elizabeth Will See Donald Trump IN HELL

Sounds like President Dumbass might not get that state visit with the Queen!

Here Are 50 Million New Hot-Ass Pictures Of Justin Trudeau, Because It Is A Day

He's been sexxxy a WHOLE LOT the past few weeks.

TrumpCare To Save You From Your Miserable Life! Your Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 4, 2017

The House tries to vote on Health care, Ben Carson tours a poor house, and REXXON is clearing out Foggy Bottom. Your morning news brief!

Trump Denies Demanding Golden Carriage/Shower From Queen Elizabeth. Who You Gonna Believe?

'Trump administration denies...' is our most useful keyboard macro.
This is what it would look like if Joe and Mika were young parents of a stolen Wonkette Baby.

Joe Scarborough Has Finally Stopped Crying

What a relief!

Boris Johnson, Noted Lout And Buffoon, Is England’s Next Top Model

As Americans we don't really care what the rest of Not-America does because they have to do whatever we tell them or risk receiving our freedom bullets. However, some foreign policy analysts (nerds with thick glasses, funny accents and...

Hot-Ass Justin Trudeau Can’t Stop Making Sexxx Eyes At Foreign Princes

Hey it's Wednesday, wanna fawn all over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for no goddamn reason? Good, we do too. <a href="http://wonkette.com/599553/worlds-sexiest-north-american-leaders-break-entire-internet-with-sexiness"></a>So, the Invictus Games are this really nice thing created by sexxxy Prince Harry, where wounded veterans from all...
Not like any clock she's ever seen.

Sarah Palin Can See Clocks From Her House, And Ahmed’s Thing Is NOT A Clock

A new pattern is emerging, kind readers. Whereas it used to be that Sarah Palin would endeavor to say the First Stupid in any national conversation, she's increasingly letting her spawn Bristol do that, on her "blog." It happened...
I got it off the toilet seat

Nerdy Teens Invent ‘Smart Condom’ To Detect STDs, Never Getting Laid Now

Science Nice Time, kind of! Three English teenagers have invented -- well, at least done the groundwork for -- a condom that changes color when it comes into contact with common sexually transmitted diseases. Cool! Also, Ick! But Cool! Students...
I laugh at you idiots! So much!

Republican Senator So Sick Of Everyone Saying Obamacare’s Doing Just GREAT, Actually

It sure sucks having to hear about how President Obama's dumb health care reform is doing swell, actually, huh? It's covering more people than expected, it's cheaper than expected, it's saving the country more money than expected -- and...

INPEACH! Obama Chewed Gum At D-Day Ceremony, Wingnuts Outraged

We sure do miss our Newsmax feed, because we almost missed this important Poutrage Update: Barack Obama, the alleged Leader of the Free World, insulted the memory of all the hallowed dead of the Normandy Invasion on Friday when...