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the smile of dubious loyalties.

Trans Ban? Tammy Duckworth’s Robot Feet Kick Trump’s Draft-Dodging Ass. Again.

Tammy Duckworth has had quite enough of your shit, Mr. Trump.
Maybe Trump can yell at her now

Tammy Duckworth Not About To Let Donald Trump Go Around With A Purple Heart On

Donald Trump was delighted to be given a replica of a Purple Heart medal from a veteran, saying he'd always wanted one. Vets who've received the real thing aren't too amused.

Hey Mr. Trump: Is A Muslim War Hero’s Father American Enough For You?

The final night of the Democratic National Convention belonged to Hillary Clinton and her speech accepting the party's nomination, but it was owned by Mr. Khizr Khan, the father of Army Captain Humayun S.M. Khan, who died in Iraq...
Ina has what Rachel Maddow would call a Muppet Smile there

Two WW I Heroes Finally American Enough To Receive Medals Of Honor They Earned

Two heroes of World War I were finally recognized Tuesday by President Obama at the White House; the president presented the Medal of Honor posthumously to Private Henry Johnson and to Sergeant William Shemin, whose heroism in battle was...
Miss him yet?

Rightwing Reads NYT Headline, Declares Bush Was Right About Everything

As we noted Wednesday, the New York Times has discovered that, after invading Iraq to keep Saddam Hussein from killing everybody with his huge Weapons of Mass Destruction program, which definitely included an ongoing program of building new chemical...

Soon We Will Not Have Joe Walsh To Kick Around With Tammy Duckworth’s Mechanical Feet

You know, we were sort of toying with live-blooging the last Duckworth-Walsh Illinois congressional debate, but then we were like, eh, maybe Tammy Duckworth will be kind of boring, and surely Joe Walsh is too much of a pussy...