Uh. Happy Sunday, everybody? Good news? Ronald William Brown, a very nice man who loved to hang out with children from his Florida trailer park, and buy them pizza, and watch over them at Sunday school, and be the puppeteer on a Christian Television Network show (above!), was not able to realize his fantasy of […]

You’ve graduated college. You’ve moved to a crappy apartment. You don’t have a job, and you don’t have friends. Sound familiar? Avenue Q, a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical with the looks of Sesame Street and the perversity of Team America, reassures its audience that the Real World may be a scary place at first, but […]

GODDAMMIT. You get an email from the DNC saying “Hey check out our new video, it is called ‘Puppet Masters,’ and it is about –” and you don’t even read to the end because shit, it is an ad with puppets in it, you are already clicking the clicky. Then: misery and heartbreak. This ad […]