Wow, Gary was right! Leggy Fox News CNN Idiot S.E. Cupp truly has taken the lead for the dumbest column of 2014, and it’s going to take some massive expenditures of PunditDerp to surpass her thought-like statements about marijuana. It’s also depressing to know that someone will pull it off anyway. If nothing else, it […]

Between the 9/11 anniversary and Syria, there is just not a lot out there this morning, so let’s grit our teeth and shovel through some of the pundit-leavings on Barry’s big Syria speech together, shall we? Let’s start with Peggy Noonan’s pre-speech analysis, in which she proclaims the prospect of Syria’s surrendering its chemical weapons […]

First Fox News got rid of some of their underperforming pundits, like Dick Morris and Sarah Palin, and the Internet was Sad. Then they turned around and hired a bunch of new idiots, like Scott Brown and Herman Cain, and the Internet was happy again! (And if you can make “Ken Layne” happy, you can […]

Washington Post Opinion Columnist and intifada-themed torture porn aficionado Jennifer Rubin is not a big fan of the President. According to Rubin, our Muslin half-ling is simply an effete market-hating monster who splits his time between plotting to kill the Jews and live- streaming the murder of Chris Stevens with his bro’s in the war room, […]

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post writes a column called the “Fix,” an utterly pointless screed containing the deep thoughts of a man whose views on politics are indistinguishable from any of the other Caddyshack extras haunting the Wa-Po editorial board. Cillizza (like so many before him) has made a career out of disguising the […]

THIS ELECTION, YOU GUYS! It is … confusing? Like, some people say that Barack Obama will win re-election, while others say that his opponent, Mitt Romney, will prevail! WHO ARE WE TO TRUST? Normally, of course, we’d turn to the literally of hundreds of people who are employed full-time by various old- and new-media outlets […]

People (mostly liberal elitists) were a little disappointed when the Guardian announced that Redstate.com cofounder and former George W. Bush speechwriter Josh Treviño would be joining its team of U.S. columnists. This is because back in June 2011, as unarmed activists (including the novelist Alice Walker and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein) set sail on a flotilla […]

Now in his sixth decade as the world’s preeminent expert on U.S. foreign policy, retired Cuban president Fidel Castro writes in his newspaper column (in Cuba) that the Obama Administration is about to attack … Iran. One more war against one more Muslim country can’t make things worse, right? Right? Oh, Iran maybe has nuclear […]

Well that worked! Alleged “natural-born citizen” Donald Trump, if that is his real name, has been appearing on Fox for the past few weeks to say increasingly ridiculous things about President Obama’s birth and Muslims and the like, a sort of unpaid Fox contributor internship. But now, thanks to his good performance, he has been […]

It’s obvious to anyone who reads a newspaper that America is in desperate need of new pundits. The op-ed, once a hallowed institution of intellectual political thought, has been besieged by idiots, celebrities, and senile old-guard journalists who are incapable of seeing the world around them or coming up with original ideas. Thus, we turn […]

Thank God (not Allah) that we have Charles Krauthammer to lead the hearts and minds of our country. Krauthammer, you will be shocked to learn, considering that kind face of his, is against the conversion of that Manhattan Burlington Coat Factory to a mosque. (All the 9/11 families say it should be a Big Lots, […]

Bill O’Reilly had Glenn Beck on his show last night, and he seems threatened that Beck sees no reason to cover culture-war issues and very threatened that Beck doesn’t care if gay marriage is legalized. “Do you believe — do you believe that gay marriage is a threat to the country in any way?” O’Reilly […]

The Obama administration is sick of libruls such as Rachel Maddow who dare CRITICIZE them, the librul political party’s presidential administration, when they fail to do important librul things. “I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested,” Robert Gibbs said. (But he is like George Bush, because […]

Here is today’s obligatory “No Muslim Churches at Ground Zero” thing. It brings up a lot of great points (i.e. 9/11) so make sure you read it in its entirety. [RedState] Governor Paterson vetoed important sippy cup legislation. What else is there to say? New York wants to keep the sippy cup down. [Daily Intel] […]

We learned yesterday that General Stanley McChrystal made some comments about civilian leaders in the administration. Since then, America’s pundits have waited PATIENTLY for his stupid plane to get to Washington so Obama could yell at him. Well, he had his meeting. And, uh, what happened? FIRE HIM OR KEEP HIM OBAMA. This is SERIOUS. […]