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  you're doing it wrong

Sarah Palin Spokesperson Savagely Attacks Bristol Palin

Reality-television curiosity Sarah Palin has a crazy spokesperson who can’t seem to shut up on Twitter. That’s fine when you’re attacking the liberal elite, but it’s not so fine when the person paid to promote the Palin basic-cable brand is instead verbally attacking one of the actual Palins who makes basic-cable programs. This is what Sarah’s spokesperson Rebecca Mansour has been caught doing: criticizing and insulting abstinence icon Bristol Palin. This is what Mansour wrote about poor Bristol, just because Bristol committed the apparent sin of wanting to get back together with the father of her baby: “Two words: Patti Davis. Okay three more: Ron Reagan Junior. Two more: Billy Carter. Doesn’t your family have one?” By “one” here, Mansour means “embarrassment to a political family.” And she gets paid for this? We would like to apply for the job of insulting the Palin family while being paid by the Palin family. Sarah, call us! Read more on Sarah Palin Spokesperson Savagely Attacks Bristol Palin…
  you're doing it wrong

July 4 Bush Speech Censors Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson invented July 4, by writing the Declaration of Independence for “Independence Day,” and later writing the Constitution, and then patriotically dropping dead on July 4. This is why George W. Bush went to Jefferson’s famous slave brothel, Monticello, to read a July 4 speech that quoted Jefferson except for the part of the quote where Jefferson said Christians were idiots. Read more on July 4 Bush Speech Censors Thomas Jefferson…