pt you don’t say

Everyone had a great time on Wednesday when Senator Aqua Buddha (R-Better Light Bulbs For a Better America) took to the floor of the Senate to talk about drone killings in one of those old-fashioned filibusters that, were they still standard, would probably ensure more bills got voted on simply because most senators are such […]

Some math wizards down in Texas have come to an incredible conclusion: What with 6.5 million lost jobs since this Hellcession began, there’s less rush-hour traffic. HEY THAT ALMOST MAKES A CRAZY KIND OF SENSE. But the news isn’t all good.

Oh, this was so awesome, the other day! What could be better than Anderson Cooper plus furries? Anderson Cooper crackin’ on furries, and suggesting they do more at their glamorous Pittsburgh conference than talk. So adorable! [YouTube]

To be fair, he didn’t say the Republican Party was dead in the South. So, they’ve still got that going for them …. [YouTube]

Here is a SHOCKER regarding the holy trinity of American hobbies (religion, wingnut politics and pornography). It turns out that conservative Jesus Goblins are using up all of America’s precious porn reserves. A new study proves the “red states” consume so much (gay and interracial) naked sex media, it’s crazy! But is there another, hidden […]

A shocking new study by the web concern A Daily Beast proves that American women voters are more furious than usual about the election, because, eh, Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is a despicable race-baiting moron.