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It Is Time For Paul Ryan To Stop Insulting Our Parents

Paul Ryan is in the news for lying again, and Wonkette helped break the story, go us! The Washington Post cited yr Editrix’s post about a comment on this TPM story that noted how Paul Ryan’s tale of a young boy who preferred the brown-bagged love of his parents to the hard cheese of socialism was suspiciously similar to one in this book, and good work if you followed all that. WaPo’s Glenn Kessler gave Ryan’s rotten fable four Pinocchios, because Paul Ryan is a small puppet child who talks to crickets, and also because he lies a lot. But honestly, we don’t care too much that Paul Ryan is lying. It’s Paul Ryan, after all. No, we care a lot more that he has a habit of calling our parents losers. His recent quattro pinocchio is a great example. Read more on It Is Time For Paul Ryan To Stop Insulting Our Parents…
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Barack Obama Hates Your Mom

Coffee to wash down the valium, amirite? Sure, this is from yesterday, and the RNC clearly isn’t aware the news cycle has already changed. But we particularly liked that their patented guilt-by-guilt is calling out one Barack Hussein Killyourmama as personally going around insulting women’s choices, because everyone knows that is just a thing that he does. Yep, a CNN employee said on CNN some bullshit about stay-at-home moms and everybody in le Prez’s orbit immediately dropped whatever shit they were doing (we’re sure it was nothing important) to condemn it, up to and including the First Lady and President Stalin, but the lady in this stock photo is SO MAD you guys, at Obama just cold going up to her, individually, and asking her if she really thinks she needs that brownie. Read more on Barack Obama Hates Your Mom…