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It Seems Like Not Regulating Homeschooling Doesn’t Work Out So Well?

We can't have situations where abusive parents are 'homeschooling' their children in order to provide a cover for abuse.

Michigan Lady Might Run For Office Even Though She Has Children, What Is Even Up With That

Michigan's next gubernatorial election is only 15 months away and the match-up is pretty much set. Nerd-Governor Rick Snyder is expected to face likely Democratic challenger Mark Schauer. Naturally the only responsible thing to do now is to speculate...

SC Gov Nikki Haley Changes Mind, Loves Girls Getting Cervical Cancer Now

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley used to be one of those terrible sluts who wanted to ram her HPV vaccine down your preteen's throat. We know this because she cosponsored a bill in the South Carolina legislature that would...