pt wonkette on the streets

Your Wonkette had a chance to see the #OWS Bat Signal firsthand last night at the Day of Action protests on the Brooklyn Bridge — take a minute to watch the video. But even more awesomer than the Bat Signal is how it got there, thanks to a nice single mom living in the run-down […]

Hello! Here’s a “lost dispatch” from last night, when your Occupy Wall Street correspondent temporarily fled Zuccotti Park, mostly due to looming thunderstorms/cowardice. (The NYPD has prohibited the use of tents and all tent-like structures, hooray.) Anyway! This collection of noteworthy day-old Occupy Wall Street news will also not be heard on NPR, and not […]

Greetings from Zuccotti Park, where everything is going apeshit crazy at the moment. We just returned from a march around Wall Street — the largest we’ve witnessed since Sunday. There will be an even larger rally and protest at 5:30 p.m. that will include members of the New York Transit Workers Union, which voted to […]

The Park Dwellers: In Their Own Words! Watch this brave anonymous high school teacher (“I hope my principal doesn’t see this”) talk about what’s happening in New York that the National Media (all based in New York) refuses to cover because it’s not Teabaggy enough: “A courageous effort … it opens up a dialog that […]

Good morning! Your dutiful Occupy Wall Street correspondent is still embedded with the Sandinistas of Zuccotti Park, who still want to destroy America with their nonviolent opposition to living in a terrible banana republic. We even accompanied the park dwellers on their daily morning march around Wall Street, which was filmed in its entirety by […]

Hello friends! Your Occupy Wall Street correspondent spent the day familiarizing himself with the park-dwelling lifestyle (pro tip: poop at McDonald’s, not in your pants) and meeting the treacherous peaceniks that he will be spending an entire week with. Did you know that these “disorganized, godless pixies” are actually extremely intelligent and highly organized, and […]