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Tag: pt with friends like these

Guess this makes them serious candidates.

Ben Carson The Trump Supporter Hates Donald Trump So Much, You Guys

<a href="http://wonkette.com/595704/ben-carson-insists-he-really-was-a-teen-thug-stabs-cnn-reporter-to-prove-it"></a>Um, Ben Carson is almost as bad at supporting people for president as he is at running for president. We did not actually know that was possible, considering how he is a brain surgeon who got confused by...
Party of jerks, that's for sure

WA ‘Pro-Choice Democrat’ Decides He’s Not Pro-Choice, Not A Democrat, IS A Total Jerk

Meet Martin Moore, a nice pro-choice Democrat and member of the Federal Way City Council in Washington State. Except for how he's not pro-choice now, and he doesn't want to be a Democrat anymore, and oh, and he does...

John McCain Rides To Romney’s Rescue: Sarah Palin Was ‘Better Candidate’

Hey Walnuts, would you perhaps like to ride to the rescue of your party's current standardbearer, who is at the moment in a spot of bother, by explaining that it was not his unseemly wealth or that he perhaps...