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Romney Campaign Has Sad

The Romney campaign is so sad, you guys! They know the whole campaign has been one bed-shitting after another, and that their candidate is worse than Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain and Christine O’Donnell combined, because of those three at least one (Christine O’Donnell) does not make it a habit to insult people to their faces. (Terrifying bridge troll Newton does, of course, but Smooth Herm only insults ladies, by grabbing their pudendae when they are asking for jobs.) So the campaign knows this, and now they are all at the “whining to reporters” stage, and the “cussing at reporters” stage (they were there long ago, of course), and the calling the campaign “a vulgar, unprintable phrase” stage. (“Dog-fuck,” probably.) Let us read more, our hearts filled with tea and sympathy! Read more on Romney Campaign Has Sad…

Gingrich Spokesman Constantly Fiddling With Newt’s Wikipedia Page

The number one reason nobody likes pedantic swamp bubble Newt Gingrich is because of all the horrible things they are reading about him on his Wikipedia page, obviously. Why else would Newt campaign spokesman Joe DeSantis spend so much time glued to his computer belaboring minor edits to Newt and Callista’s Wikipedia entries that even CNN finally bothered to notice and make fun of it? Read more on Gingrich Spokesman Constantly Fiddling With Newt’s Wikipedia Page…

Protests Work! Cornyn & Rubio Drop SOPA, Obama Rejects Keystone

Here’s a little good news to cheer up your Wednesday: Today’s anti-censorship protest across the Internet has already forced Republican senators Marco Rubio and John Cornyn to drop their support of the SOPA bill. Already! Rubio and Cornyn weren’t just supporters, though — Rubio co-sponsored the legislation that would allow the U.S. government to shut down almost any website for almost any reason, and Cornyn heads the GOP’s Senate campaign group. Read more on Protests Work! Cornyn & Rubio Drop SOPA, Obama Rejects Keystone…