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Your Comment Of The Week Nails Gay Marriage Right In Its Butt

Here are your comments of the week! Congratulations to our winners, fleeting though their glory may be.
You guys have any submissions for a new COTW logo?

Comment Of The Week: What’s Funny About Kansas?

It's the comments of the week! Try to show a little excitement, will you?
It's like he's a genius, only the opposite of that.

Comment Of The Week: Donald Trump Has Your Cinco De Mayo Vindaloo

You guys! We completely forgot to do a Comment of the Week last Friday! So this week, we proudly present the Comment of Two Weeks, and a whole bunch of runny-ups and hornable mentions, because damn, we have some...
Seriously, you people

We Suck At Judging Caption Contests Like You People Suck At Writing Them

Hey, Wonkaloos, after much time and consideration, and the realization that we had to actually go back and read the damned things, we have selected a winner for your Presidents Day Caption Contest, which we figured you might suck...

Your Comment Of The Day Is Short And Oh So Sweet

Come gather 'round ye olde interweb appliance, Wonkers, and share the joy of today's Comment O' the Day, chosen carefully from all the comments we happened to look at! In this morning's post on the geniuses of Open Carry...

Here Are Your Joe Biden/Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake Sexy Caption Contest Winners!

Today we challenged you -- CHALLENGED YOU -- by explaining how, despite how erudite and witty you are, as soon as we give you a caption contest YOU ARE TEH SUCK. Oh, do you disagree? Then go look at the...

Surprise: Allen West Once Did Dickish Thing To Black People

But which jerkwad thing did Allen West do to black people, you might ask? He delivered Chick-fil-A to a Congressional Black Caucus meeting. They were not appreciative. A Democratic lawmaker says Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) offended the entire Congressional Black Caucus...