pt wingnuts furious

We try not to delve too often into comments sections for material, because honestly. But this, the day after Valentine’s Day, is one of those occasions where it’s sort of impossible not to. Did you know that Barack Obama took his wife out to dinner last night, to the hip new Jose Andres place? Did […]

When the Most Interesting Man in the World holds a fundraiser for a certain Kenyan Anti-Colonial Marxist Communist Voodoo Witch, how do you think the Teatards feel about it? Happy? They feel happy, right? (Spoiler: They do not feel happy.) Well, we are getting to see this in action, because some sexy old beast is […]

One of the nicer Independence Day traditions in this country is the swearing-in of new citizens by the President of the USA. Jaded though we may be in this modern age of instant worldwide communications, 24-hour news cycles, and flying robotic kittycat death drones, we nevertheless actually get a little misty-eyed at the idea that, […]